Serbian Translation

Shakti Enterprise is committed in delivering cost estimate, customized and highly professional Serbian translation services. We guarantee our clients to deliver the most professional Serbian translation service available. Our certified native translators are ready to serve the clients at anytime and anywhere. We are the ideal partner of our clients in their endeavor to conquer new markets and help them enhance their communications with their international clients. We focus on delivering translations that are not only precise and professional, but linguistically accurate and culturally sensitive too.

We at Shakti Enterprise guarantee perfect compromise between affordability and quality in your translation services. We are the only company to guarantee quality, top-class translations at a price that everyone can afford with ease. For our professional services we charge only USD 0.08 to USD 0.10 per source word which is quite affordable when comparing it with the quality of services delivered. Our translation team specializes in delivering language services for :

  • Mechanical engineering document
  • Automobile engineering document
  • Car Multimedia Document
  • Power tools document

Our certified translators are not only restricted to these translation services as they are competent in translating

  • Marketing presentations
  • Training material
  • Newsletters
  • Technical specifications Standards
  • Contracts
  • Web pages

Our translation philosophy

The philosophy of Shakti Enterprise focuses on translating more than words of documents. We focus on capturing the real essence of each word and translate them by keeping the needs and culture of the end-users. Our translators not only translate the words, but also translate the designs, meanings, tone and message that help them to deliver a fully localized adaptation for the target market.     

Serbian Language Facts

Though Serbian is the official language of Yugoslavia, but this language is widely spoken and understood in many countries including Albania, Australia, Austria, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Canada, Croatia, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Macedonia, Romania, Russia (Europe), Slovakia, Slovenia, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey (Europe). Hence, the population of native speaker is only 10, 20,000 and total number of speakers is more than 21,000,000. The dialects used for this language vary depending upon the country; however they primary dialects used are Chakavian, Kajkavian, Stokavian and Torlakian.

Our Serbian to English translation resources

To make a translation successful and uphold the authenticity of the documentation, a translation Company needs to have: the aptitude to combine a different set of skills together to work as a team and take personal responsibility to surpass the expectations of the clients. We guarantee that our certified translation team has in-depth understating about different domains, backed by linguistic qualifications, thus enabling us to deliver high quality translations, whilst uphold the original context of each documents. Our translators has specialization in different subject areas including legal, financial, technical, medical, automotive, marketing, engineering, computers, telecommunications, and most other fields. Selecting correct translators with rich experience in the subject matter of the documents and right language flavor help us to deliver culturally sensitive and linguistically accurate translations within the tight deadline and at a price that everyone can afford. 

Our handpicked certified, bilingual native translators accurately perform Serbian translations as they have in-depth knowledge about different domains such as technical, medical, tourism, financial, e-Learning etc and supreme mastery in Serbian language including grammar, spelling and cultural relevancy. We have highly professional and trained project managers who create a team of native translators by considering the translation needs and subject matter of the documents to ensure high quality Serbian translation services. Our project managers are dedication to customer services and ensure that the translations delivered meet the specific translation needs and quality standards set by the clients.