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Albanian Translation Services

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Albania is one of the fastest-growing economies and its financial services, mining, information and communication, and tourism sectors are witnessing high growth. This makes Albania a perfect location for the investors to expand their business. It is also a gateway to Southern Europe and offers easy access to the lucrative Italian and Greek markets.

The official language of Albania is Albanian. Albanian is spoken primarily in Albania and Kosovo. The largest communities of Albanian speakers live in Italy, Greece, and Argentina. To confidently grow business in Albania, businesses need to opt for professional Albanian translation services.

Businesses around the world rely on translation services for their business content to reach the target audience effectively. Professional translation services convey the original tone and intent of your business message, taking into account the cultural and regional differences between source and target languages.

Albanian To English Translation Services

Want to translate your content from Albanian to English language? Look no further.

Shakti Enterprise has a pool of translators who have exceptional command over English and Albanian languages. They are not only expert in the language, vocabulary, and grammar, but also have expertise in the concerned area of specialization. Our translators deliver flawless translations in fast turnaround while maintaining high professional standards.

Interesting Facts About The Albanian Language

  • There are around 7.5 million Albanian speakers in the world.
  • The two main dialects of the Albanian language are Tosk and Ghag.
  • Albanian is the third most spoken language in Italy.
  • It is spoken in Albania, Kosovo, Macedonia, Italy, Montenegro, Serbia and Romania.
  • Types Of Albanian Translation Services That We Offer

    Website Translation Document Translation Certificate Translation
    Audio Translation Video Translation Technical Translation
    Legal Translation Content Writing Tourism Translation

    Professional Albanian Translation Service Provider

    At Shakti Enterprise, we offer authentic Albanian translation services designed to help you with your business needs. We only use professional native Albanian translators with the right subject matter expertise to work on clients’ translation projects for the highest level of linguistic accuracy. They can handle projects for a range of industries including financial, legal, manufacturing, marketing, pharmaceuticals, energy, engineering and many more.

    Whether you need translation from English to Albanian or from Albanian to English, we guarantee top-quality translations at affordable prices.

    Get in touch with Shakti Enterprise to successfully translate your brand in 100+ languages and acquire new customers globally.


    • Do you offer Albanian Translations for E-commerce sites?

        Yes, we do offer Albanian translation services for E-commerce sites. No matter what your business is, we can translate your E-store in Albanian and localize your site to make it more influential for the target market.

    • Do you offer certified Albanian Translations for academic documents?

        We have native Albanian experts who are qualified and experienced to deliver highly precise academic translations. We offer certified academic document translations and assure accuracy.

    • How can I get a cost estimate for Albanian Translation?

        Shakti Enterprise is a professional translation company that aims to deliver high-quality translations at competitive rates. We ensure you get uncompromised quality at affordable rates.For price estimation, you can visit our website. Whether you want to translate to Albanian from any other language or vice versa, we offer price estimation for both. Select your source and target language and the relevant industry and you will get cost estimation for free.

    "Delivering quality, timely service and giving value for money are the essential principles on which we do business"


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