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Voice Over Services

Voice-over artist is a specialized profession that requires a clear understanding of the character portrayed in the film and command over the language. Our voice-over and dubbing artists are experts in voice modulation and are chosen from the country where the language is spoken.

The mother tongue of the voice-over artist should be the same language as the one he/she will be rendering the audio. We emphasize this aspect of voice-over artists because they understand the pulse of the audience, the culture, and the desired expression. An expert voice-over artist goes through the script and the final video. This is compared with the translated script and rehearsed for the pace at which the audio delivery needs to be done to make a proper synchronization of audio with visual during language dubbing. Voice- over artists are equipped with the techniques of appropriate modulation of voice so that the final dubbed version in the required language is produced as good as the original. We offer voice-overs for several projects including Training Videos, Promotional Videos, Commercials, Animation, Scripts, Documentaries, Sales Presentations, Interactive Voice Response, Computer-Based Training, and many more.

If the language or dialect you require is not listed below, please contact us.


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