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Banking, Finance and Insurance Industry in India

The financial services sector in India is dominated by commercial banks which have more than 60% share of the total assets. Other segments include mutual funds, insurance firms, non-banking institutions, cooperatives and pension funds. India is one of the most vibrant capital market in the world. The country is expected to become the fifth largest banking sector globally by 2020.

new thrust both in banking and insurance sector to leverage technology for better management and customer service has greatly helped the growth of industry. With the focus on better servicing customers, banks have gone for improving their technology infrastructure. The popularity of internet and mobile banking is all time high. In order to make a success of the government’s ambitious goal to ensure bank account for all, banks have gone for massive multi lingual campaign.

Financial Translation Services for Banking, Finance and Insurance sector from Shakti Enterprise

Range of Financial Services

• Prospectus
• Annual Reports
• Financial Accounting
• Contracts
• Insurance Policy translation
• Bank Statements
• Claim Documents
• Mergers and Acquisitions
• Share holder information
• Account opening forms
• Product information
• Banking Reports
• Proposals
• Tender documentation
• Financial services promotion
• Newsletter

We at Shakti Enterprise have broad ranging experience across the entire spectrum of financial service industry. The perfect amalgamation of industry experts, skilled and experienced linguists, and project managers makes Shakti Enterprise the ideal selection for almost all types of specialists and complex financial translation needs.

Hiring financial translation services of Shakti Enterprise ensures that communicating in foreign languages with delegates, stockholders, employees, and clients will no longer be a hurdle and thus the flow of natural communication with different customer bases will be preserved. From annual reports to procedure manuals and servicing documents to information memoranda and cross border transaction Shakti Enterprise delivers customized and highly accurate financial translations that are customer-service driven and timely.

Due to our strong network of native translators with Industry expertise and well versed in financial concepts, we are able to offer top quality translation that conveys exact meaning of the original.

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