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Book Translation Services in India

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If knowledge is for sharing, why not share it with the world?

Many authors of books have this desire to translate their book in as many languages as possible and spread knowledge. Whether it is for commercial reasons or for personal satisfaction, book translation from one language to another can be done without sacrificing on quality, only by professional translation service provider or by a freelance translator who has the experience. It is better for the author of the book to approach the publisher if they own the copyright for translation and for publication.

Whether you are an individual or an author interested in translating a literary work from one language to another, understand that translation itself won’t need permission. However the moment you publish or publicize your translation, you will be in breach of copyright reserved rights. Hence you need to check and get permission or request the publisher of the book translated.

Demand of Book Translation

There are many published books in English and Spanish which are in demand for English to Spanish book translation and Spanish to English book translation. It is due to bi-lingual nature of education prevalent in USA and also due to the co-existence of English and Spanish native speakers who want to share their literary or religious work. Japanese book translation, German book translation, Chinese book translation, Russian book translation, French book translation, Hindi book translation, Bengali book translation, Tamil book translation are some of the top languages in demand for translation from English and vice versa.

Book Translation Software such as machine translation with human editing and proof reading are cheaper and fastest, when it comes to publishing a book from one language to another. Here, there is a grave danger of translation error and the entire business may go for a loss.

Freelance translators cannot be relied upon as, they are not committed to meet your deadline and will not guide you beyond translation for the procedure to get the file ready for printing.

What are the book translation rates?

The moment you have this question in mind, it is certain that you have a limited budget. Otherwise you would be asking questions related to quality, experience in book translation and delivery schedule.
Book translation rate depends on whom you are approaching and what type of translation you need.     

  • Book Translation Software or free book translation software such as Machine translation, Machine translation with human editing and proof reading are felt as cheaper and faster way of getting the book published from one language to another. There is a grave danger of translation error and the entire business will go for a loss.
  • Freelance translators cannot be relied upon as they are not committed to meet your deadline and they will not guide you beyond translation to get the procedure for getting the file ready for printing.

Book Translation from any language to any language is now made easy and hassle free.

We are professional translation service providers who are breaking the communication barrier in Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Delhi and European Regions with a network of translators in 100+ languages who possess domain expertise and provide quality work.

A bad translation will only damage your reputation. Don’t waste your money on an amateur instead, choose a Professional translation service provider

Why choose us?

  • Our translators are expert linguists with an ample amount of experience and specialization in the chosen field.
  • All our translators are conversant with latest CAT tools.
  • We are certified by ISO 9001:2008, and DIN EN 1508 for quality adherence.
  • We are members of ATA (American Translators Association)
  • We are registered as a vendor for providing translation services for most of the UN Organizations.
  • The use of translation memory software and CAT tools for terminology and glossary check ensures consistency.
  • The translation is reviewed by a proof reader and errors, if any are rectified.
  • We provide Glossary and do Terminology Management.

"Delivering quality, timely service and giving value for money are the essential principles on which we do business"

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