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Bulgarian Translation Services

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Bulgarian economy is growing at a rapid pace. Bulgaria is an industrialized upper-middle-income country according to the World Bank. Compared to other EU member states, Bulgaria provides one of the most business friendly and cost effective environments.

Top 3 Benefits Of Doing Business In Bulgaria

  • Low rental rates for commercial properties
  • Excellent communication infrastructure
  • Lowest personal income tax rates in Europe
  • Need For Bulgarian Translation Services

    Bulgarian is the official language of Bulgaria. Bulgarian speaking communities are found in many South and Eastern European Countries such as Greece, Serbia, Moldavia, Rumania, Turkey and the Ukraine.

    Bulgaria offers cost effective workforce, affordable office rents, low production and transport costs of doing business. Therefore, many businesses are looking forward to expand their operations in Bulgaria.

    To tap the Bulgarian market, it is vital for businesses to speak in customer’s language. This is where professional Bulgarian translation services come in.

    Whether, in the form of a website, marketing collateral, or business a document, your content represents your business in the international market. Your customers appreciate being addressed in their native language, and when your content speaks to them in the same language, they are more likely to do business with you. Therefore, foreign language translation is important for every business who is looking to expand its footprint in the global marketplace.

    Amazing Facts About The Bulgarian Language

    ✔Bulgarian is a South Slavic language spoken in Southeastern Europe, primarily in Bulgaria.

    ✔Total number of Bulgarian speakers all around the world is 10 million.

    ✔It is spoken mainly in Bulgaria and parts of Macedonia, Serbia, Ukraine and Moldova.

    ✔The Bulgarian alphabet has 30 letters.

    ✔Two Bulgarians created the Cyrillic script.

    Overview Of Our Services

    Website Translation Document Translation Certificate Translation
    Audio Translation Video Translation Technical Translation
    Legal Translation Content Writing Tourism Translation

    Professional Bulgarian Translation Service Provider

    Shakti Enterprise helps companies engage international customers with the best Bulgarian translation services. Our quality-rich English to Bulgarian and Bulgarian to English translation services are trusted by leading businesses in marketing, legal, medical, financial, e-commerce, manufacturing and many other industries worldwide.

    Our linguists have the right skills and decades of expertise, as well as the certification to do the job properly and accurately. They are native speakers who live in your target country, assuring you that they understand not only local culture but the nuances of the language as well.

    Our high-quality English to Croatian and Croatian to English translations are trusted by leading businesses in legal, medical, financial, marketing, e-commerce and many other industries worldwide.

    Take a look at our professional translation services and Contact us for more information.


    • Can you translate my website?

        Yes. Our experienced team has helped businesses adapt their websites to reach new readers in multiple languages with our website translation services.

    • Who will translate my material?

        We assign each project to a qualified and domain specific translator who is a native speaker of your target language. This ensures that the translator will be able to accurately translate even the complex technical terms in your document.

    • Do you keep our data confidential?

        All of our staff including our linguists and other professionals has signed non-disclosure agreements. We are also ready to sign your own NDA agreement.

    "Delivering quality, timely service and giving value for money are the essential principles on which we do business"


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