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Closed Captioning and Subtitling Services

Subtitling Services

Sub titling is done in such a way that it is made possible for easy reading for each frame and matched along with relevant potion of video. Generating high quality subtitles is more than just translating a word to another. Subtitling is an art to adapt idioms and references of target culture so as to make sense and add feeling to the subtitles created for the targeted audience. The subtitling involves edition of text translation into video material by adapting the references and idioms of target culture. Shakti Enterprise has the best in industry professionals to handle subtitling work with utmost care. We are competent in adding subtitles to any existing video material as well as to several other voices over tracks. Subtitling the DVDs allow us to add more than one target language and include a selection menu so that audience can select the language as per their convenience. But, the concept differs when it comes to add subtitles in VHS, media or to other kinds of video storage media as in such case for each language separate copy has to be added. We use the best in class tools and technology for subtitling and utilize XML to insert video content that help us to add subtitles and video content along with text content whenever required. So, if you are still unsure about adding subtitles and text content into your video material, then let us to be your one-stop resource for making anything on video material accessible to any target audience!


Captioning service is all about converting text information into video material to make it accessible to people desiring to view video material in environments where audio tracks are either impractical or ineffective. Our captioning services become handy when it comes to make video material content rich to reach the wider variety of knowledge hungry audience. Besides, our captioning services also become very useful for audience having hearing disorder. The concept of captioning is quite different from subtitling as the audio cues need to be captioned properly in captioning. For instance, when a person watches and listens to the video, then he is aware what is happening and when the phone is ringing on screen. Besides, they can even recognize the person with his/her voice over phone. But, when the voice is missing, then it is essential to reproduce the cues along with the spoken dialogue. Our expert team of professionals is competent enough to place the captions perfectly on screen, making it easier for the viewers to easily recognize who is speaking the dialogue and from where particular sound is coming from.

Our captioning services are also widely used for materials that are generally displayed on large screen with mute voice to prevent disturbance to the people around. If you are unaware with the captioning concept and want to insert captions on video material, then feel free to contact us. We guarantee to deliver you with most reliable and real time captioning services in the industry at the level of quality that's earned Shakti Enterprise elite captioning agreements with some of the leading video providers.

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Our Clients