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European Languages

Official Language Country
Albanian Albania
Bulgarian Bulgaria
Croatian Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia
Czech Czech Republic
Dutch Belgium, The Netherlands
Danish Denmark
English Ireland, Malta, UK (Great Briton)
Finnish Finland
French France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland
German Germany Austria, Luxembourg, Switzerland
Greek Cyprus, Greece
Hungarian Hungary
Irish Ireland
Italian Italy
Latvian Latvia
Lithuanian Lithuania
Maltese Malta
Macedonian Republic of Macedonia
Polish Poland
Portuguese Poland
Romanian Romania
Russian Russia
Rhaeto-Romanic Switzerland
Serbian Bosnia and Herzegovina, Republic of Serbia
Slovak Slovakia
Slovenian Slovenia
Spanish Spain
Swedish Sweden
Turkish Cyprus

The total population of these 35 countries is 676 million.


32 languages are spoken in Europe. In Netherlands and in Scandinavian countries, more than 75% of the population speaks English. In other EU member countries only 30% of the overall population speaks English. English as a foreign language is less spoken in Central and Eastern Europe.

Each of these 35 countries of Europe have their own cultures, identity, needs, and potentials in terms of sales and therefore more than even translation, localization becomes essential if you want to connect with specific target group.

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