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French Translation Services Contributing To Business Growth

Languages serve as a foundational element of building new relations. They open the door to new dimensions of growth and progress for individuals as well as organizations. Their usability in multiple domains also lifts the demand for translation services. Notably, English to French translation services and vice versa are among the most sought after language pairs for translation in this regard.

Brief Info Of The French Language:

✔French language is a Romance language.

✔French speakers are present in every continent and by now, their number has reached 300 million.

✔French-speaking people are located in France, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Belgium, Haiti, Monaco, Canada, along with twenty African nations.

✔After English, French is the most taught language worldwide and, it will become the most spoken language by 2050.

✔Various International organizations along with the UN and the EU have accepted French as its working language.

Here Are Some Of The Qualities That You Should Look For While Hiring Professional French Translators:

❮Work Commitment:

The translators should love their work and must be ready to make the required changes asked by the client. They must abide by the client's guidelines and deliver projects at the due time.

❮Work Commitment:

Take their editor or client comment gracefully and keep on improving. A translator should have a learning attitude. Delivering a quality product is the only way to stand out from the crowd.

❮Skills And Qualification:

Before starting to work as a translator, they must possess enough qualifying education and acumen. Knowledge of computer, linguistic and subject matter is necessary. They should have an eloquent understanding of at least two languages. Also, the expertise of translation application like CAT is necessary.

❮Research Ability:

They should always conduct enough research for a project since it always improves quality of the work.

❮Extensive Vocabulary Knowledge:

Learning vocab of foreign linguistic, mother tongue or any particular subject boosts the command. Updating vocab knowledge and adding new words to further simplifies the further work. Hence, look for the one with exemplary vocab skills.

❮Clarity Of Expression:

The work they produce should display the intended vision clearly. Moreover, the sentence structure should also be tangible.


The idea of the context must be specified clearly in the translation. The reader should get the exact sense as in the original content.


Experienced professional translators possess more understanding of their client requirements and deliver the same in a time-bound manner.

Shakti Enterprise For Professional Translation

Shakti Enterprise offers translation service in various languages like Spanish, Dutch, English, French, Italian and many more. For participating in the growing world trade, the demand for professional French translation services is also rising. At Shakti Enterprise, our linguistic experts having experience of more than five years work on the translation projects and deliver projects with fastest turnaround time.

Apart From French Translation Services, Our Significant Offerings Also Include The Following:


Mainly website, software or any other content localization comes under localization services. It transforms the languages according to the viewer’s location.

Content Development:

Designing content for the client is one of our foremost responsibilities. It can be a business promotion or any information content for displaying on websites or blogs.

Desktop Publishing:

We also offer DTP or Graphic engineering service that work on a different platform like Print, Web, Software and other multimedia platforms.

Audio Visual Services:

Voiceover, adding subtitle and transcription services come under audiovisual services. For doing it well, we have the best of interpreters and dubbing artists.

If you are looking for an error-free translation, Shakti Enterprise is the one-stop destination. From French translation services to content development and localization, we provide assistance in all the domains. Moreover, our budget-friendly services with guaranteed quality are empowering businesses to take the lead in their industry.

"Delivering quality, timely service and giving value for money are the essential principles on which we do business"

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