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DTP Services That Goes Beyond Translation

At Shakti Enterprise, we believe that translation is only one part of the communication process. Going beyond translation, our localization experts, DTP, and graphic engineering team work together to provide you with cost-effective DTP and Graphic Engineering solutions for Print, Web, software GUI localization, Website Translation and other forms of multi-media localization in any Indian and Foreign languages.

Desktop Publishing (DTP) and Typesetting Services

Printing for the newspaper is different from printing for the magazine. Similarly, printing for outdoor media and uploading for digital media requires an understanding of the technical specification. Adapting the substance with style to make the final file not only print and web-ready but also design ready is our main motto.

There are various types of DTP software’s available for making ready to print files compatible for publishing in press and for printing. Our team of professional typesetters are well equipped to handle all the latest DTP software’s like Adobe Creative Suite, Coral Draw, Illustrator and In Design for typesetting in any Indian and Foreign language as per layout.

Give us the source PDF and DTP file as well as the translation of text in a word document. We will ensure that you get ready to print high-resolution PDF and DTP file by replacing the text in any language as per your need.

Our core DTP Services include:

  • • Text and Page Layout and formatting in any Indian and foreign language
  • • Specializing in the right to left orientation for Urdu, Persian. Arabic and Kurdish Language
  • • Matching font and format as per source file
  • • Layout designing
  • • Ready to print data in any DTP software
  • • Web DTP in HTML, XML, Flash or any other web media software
  • • Preparing Targa files for subtitling
  • • Software Graphical User Interface (GUI) DTP

Graphic Engineering and Localization Services

The graphics engineers work on your images to localize or suggest suitable replacement of image to culturally adapt the design so that it can match the market requirements. For example, a well thought out design with illustrations that appeals to the culture of western countries, may have a negative implication or even appear offensive in a few countries in the Middle East. The images need a replacement in such cases to match with suit the culture of the target audience. This, is known as Localization which is used to connect with the target groups culturally.

Graphics Designing and Creative adaptation Services

If you are lacking in designing your material, then our graphic design service would be an ultimate solution for you. We adapt your creative for all your marketing material with suitable modification of layout to suit the size and printing needs. We also help clients to create global communication with ease by delivering them world-class promotional materials in more than 100 languages.

"Delivering quality, timely service and giving value for money are the essential principles on which we do business"

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