Professional Translation Services Agency

Shakti Enterprise is a dedicated and well qualified multilingual translation agency from India. Since its inception, Shakti enterprise has been offering professional language translation services to its global clients. With its rich experience of more than 20 years in the field of language translation, Shakti enterprise constantly manages to deliver most accurate and finest language translation services in all major foreign and Indian languages. Read more

Translation Services

Delivering accurate, timely translation services is the core expertise of Shakti Enterprise. We believe in employing in-country and native language professional linguists to handle the translation with utmost care. Shakti Enterprise has been serving the different industries with its world class translation service and has domain expertise in diverse fields including educational, legal, financial, technical, medical, marketing etc.

Localization Services

We specialize in software and website localization services that help our esteemed customers to easily reach the prospective and wide non-English speaking market. We localize the entire website, while taking care of the HTML code and page layout. Simply by utilizing 5-6 more languages the chance of maximizing your reach will increase by more than 100%.

Certificate Translations

Certificate Translations is the core expertise of Shakti Enterprise and we strive to set the standard for excellence in the certificate translation services. Shakti Enterprise is globally recognized by Universities, Embassies, Immigration (P.O.E.) Licensing, Government Agencies, Employers, Banks, Corporations, Indian immigration services and jurisdictions throughout the world with exact formatting, signature and legal stamping.

Multilingual Studio

We handle wide variety of work that includes several projects which demands for more than simple text translations. The in-house multilingual studio of Shakti Enterprise is developed to deliver both the expertise and equipment to handle all types of translated output effectively and timely. We specialize in delivering multilingual audio-video services like voice-over, subtitling and captioning to DTP/typesetting services. Our studio is equipped with all the necessary equipments and technical team to handle all the requirements of the clients.

Transcription Services

Shakti Enterprise is truly a pioneer in the transcription arena. We at Shakti Enterprise take the pride to deliver highest quality transcripts to our clients, at an affordable price and in timely manner. To deliver high standard transcripts we only employ the native speakers from the pool of our practitioners for all major world languages. Our professionals have rich experience in handling technical subjects including financial focus group, medical conference speeches etc. We always believe in looking at the latest trends in the industry so as to deliver best possible services to our clients.

Interpreting Services

Shakti Enterprise specializes in delivering multilingual business solutions tailored around your needs. The requirements of our clients are matched with the most qualified and experienced interpreters from our pool of practitioners. We are equipped with friendly and professional interpreters who welcome the opportunity to serve you and take you on any new challenge. Our interpreters are certified and accredited by the most prestigious and reputed professional language associations.

Why Us?

  • Over 25 years of translating experience

  • Trusted by companies world over for accurate, high quality translations

  • Large panel of expert, native translators

  • Quick turnaround time

  • ISO Certified Management System