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Information Technology Industry in India

Information Technology is playing an important role in India to-day. IT has transformed India’s image from a slow moving bureaucratic economy to a land of innovative entrepreneurs. India is now one of the IT capitals of the modern world and all major players in the industry have set up base in India. Exports constitute 77% of total IT industry revenue.

The future of IT industry is bright dispite competition from China due to its vast resources of professional qualified and talented English speaking population.

Professional translation service providers specializing in technical translation to and from English to all Indian and foreign languages would be sought after to provide multi-media, website and software localization and all forms of document and technical translation.

Translation service for telecommunication industry from Shakti Enterprise

The complexity of technical translation for IT industry demands talented minds having rich experience in delivering translated matter with technical terminologies integrated properly so that it flows with the context and read perfectly well in the target language

We believe translation for telecommunication industry needs engagement with specialist technical translators with knowledge of terminology and technical terms used by the industry commonly. Our first step in ensuring quality, consistency and timely delivery of projects is providing a project manager who is well tuned with the technical concepts used in IT industry so that they can interact well with client counterpart for developing glossaries. The terminology management and translation memory tools are applied for consistency of translated words across projects. By leveraging translation memory our technical team ensure that repeat words are not translated again and again, thus saving precious turn-around-time.

We at Shakti Enterprise use latest CAT tools software like Trados 2007, Trados Studio 2011, Word Fast Pro, Translation Workspace, Memo Q etc…for creating translation memory bank and terminology management for all our clients so that you save on translation cost, reduce turn-around-time while maintaining highest quality with consistency of translated word, phrases and terminology.

Due to our strong network of native translators with Industry expertise and our experienced project managers well versed in technical concepts, we are able to offer top quality translation and localization solution in any language as per your market demands. Apart from document translation, we also take care of translation of user manual, technical brochure, website translation, mobile apps, software localization and multi-media localization.

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Engaging with Qualified Translation Agency is a Cost effective solution

Rely on Shakti enterprise, a qualified and certified translation agency in India with a track record of more than 4 decades of translation service and trusted world over by companies big and small.

"Delivering quality, timely service and giving value for money are the essential principles on which we do business"

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