International Brand Checking

Undeniable fact, marketing a product or service in global market is not only difficult, but daunting too. The brand plays a pivotal role as the brand is the life stream of the products and services of the company. Therefore, it is quite essential to assure the brand name of your product is appropriate for the culture and language of any overseas market you have targeted. Settling down with a brand name may take months and handsome amount of money too. But, later you found that after all your hard work and money you lack behind to market your product international markets because of branding issues!

Here are just a few of the possible pitfalls:

  • The name's already in use
  • Your chosen brand name has an offensive meaning in your target country
  • The colours you have chosen are unlucky in the county of your launch
  • The brand name you've picked doesn't translate well and the meaning is changed
  • Your product is culturally offensive

There are uncountable firms and organizations that have encountered this type of issues including Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Fiat, and Schweppes, Kentucky Fried Chicken. So, to prevent all types of hassles involved in merchandising, PR, marketing and production, you may avail the International Brand Checking Services offered by Shakti Enterprise. Our brand checking services assures our clients to avoid all types of setbacks while launching their products and services internationally. We have been successfully serving our clients from diverse fields and addressing their brand checking needs.

International Brand Checking Service

The brand checking service we deliver is not only best in industry, but guarantees 100% results. The brand checking concept we follow in quite efficient and simple. We usually provide 20 questions about the product and brand name you have selected to our expert in-country linguistics. They thoroughly research and provide you with the effective answers. Shakti Enterprise also has standard set of questions that our clients may use or they may provide their set of questions to our multilingual staff and they will research on it and provide results. Our brand checkers reside in the country where product is to be launched, thus in-depth knowledge about cultures and country is guaranteed.

After successfully completing the questionnaires, we will get back to you with answers and helping you to make wise and informative decision related to your brand name and products. Each brand checking project is handled by ten linguists who answer 20 questions for one language. Shakti Enterprise believes in employing only former or current marketing or advertising gurus and experts having knowledge and expertise to translate your advertising and branding documents.