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Whether you require consecutive interpretation for meetings or depositions or simultaneous interpretation for big events or conferences, we at Shakti Enterprise has tailored-made interpretation solutions for all your needs. Shakti Enterprise selects from among the most highly educated and skilled interpreters to cater the specific demands of our clients in any location globally. We thoroughly screen each interpreter before hiring them and only assign the most experienced and qualified interpreters having certifications and accreditation from most prestigious professional language associations. So, whether our clients request interpretation services on short notice or weeks in advance, our customer service representatives are eager to assign only the best-on-class interpreters to suit the specific needs of our clients. Read More


The teleconference interpreting service is generally offered virtually where theinterpreter works from a remote location. However, the interpretation capabilities required for teleconference interpretation greatly depends on each individual case. Read More


It is a type of interpreting services where the interpreter generally interprets just after the original speaker ends their conversation. In more generally words, the primary speaker will speak and convey messages in their own languages and stop for a while so that the interpreter can convey the message in the native language of the audience. Once the interpretation is over, the speaker continues speaking. Read More


It is a type of language support used during travel, visits and tours where the individual need ongoing language support to convey their message. We at Shakti Enterprise understand the fact that a trip cannot be pleasurable and exciting if you encounter the problem of language barrier with the native people. So, to address such issues we have introduced escort interpreting services to provide language support to tourists and visitors on the go. Read More

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