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Kashmiri Translation Services

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Few Less Known Facts About The Kashmiri Language:

  • Kashmiri language which is also known as 'Koshur' belongs to the Indo-Aryan language group.
  • It is mainly spoken in the Kashmir Valley which is in Jammu and Kashmir state of India.
  • There are about 5.5 million Kashmiri speakers in India and around a million in Pakistan.
  • According to George Abraham Grierson, Kashmiri is the only Dardic language that has literature.
  • Kashmiri literature has a rich history stretching back to over 750 years.
  • It has Three Dialects: Rambani, Poguli, and Kashtawari.
  • Kashmiri is recognized as one of the scheduled languages of India and is included in the ‘Sixth Schedule’ of the constitution of Jammu and Kashmir.
  • At present, Kashmiri is written with a modified Perso-Arabic and Devanagari scripts.
  • Professional Kashmiri Translators:

    Our translators specialize in translating from Kashmiri to many other languages, including Kashmiri to English and English to Kashmiri translation. We complete translations faster with our technology without compromising on the quality. Our translators use the latest technologies like the SDL Trados Studio 2011, Adobe Illustrator, Acrobat, Photoshop, Frame Maker, In Design, Dreamweaver, Flash, FrontPage, including MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.

    To deliver quality products and to make the translated content more accurate and superior, we at Shakti Enterprise have glossaries of translated terms with the help of which correct technical lingo and terminologies are used while translating the content, thus delivering highly professional, company-specific and accurate Kashmiri translations.

    Kashmiri Translation Service Provider

    Shakti Enterprise is a one-stop-solution for all types of language translation requirements. In addition to Kashmiri translation and localization services, we also provide Kashmiri voice-overs, transcription, interpretation, subtitling, and many other services.

    Not only do we provide professional Kashmiri translation services, but also provide translations for a wide variety of specialized fields like legal, academic, literary and website translation among many others.

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