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Latvian Translation Services

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Latvia is a high-income advanced economy. It is the fastest-growing economy among the Baltic countries. Latvian is the official language of Latvia and is also one of the official languages of the EU.

Latvia has been ranked as one of the best countries to do business in the world. Sectors such as IT, transportation, business, and finance are growing rapidly and provide huge business opportunities.

To engage with the Latvian-speaking population, it is necessary to communicate in the Latvian language. This is where professional Latvian translation service comes in.

Latvian Translation Experts

We offer accurate translation services for English to Latvian and Latvian to English language pairs.

Our professionals understand the importance of marketing to a broad audience when your product or service has an international reach. They use their experience to ensure the meaning and cultural context of your content remains intact.

We maintain strict standards to ensure you receive only the best language translation services from our Latvian translators.

Latvian Document Translation Services

The Latvian language is a nuanced language that requires native-speaking translators to assure 100% accuracy.

Our Latvian document translators are specialized in translating many different types of documents like business documents, marketing materials, legal documents, financial papers and many more.

Amazing Facts About The Latvian Language

✔ It is an East Baltic language.

✔ It is the official language of Latvia

✔ About 1.5 million people speak the Latvian language.

✔ Latvian speaking population is also found in the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Lithuania and Brazil.

Overview Of Foreign Language Translation Services

Document Translation Certificate Translation Audio Translation
Website Translation Video Translation Technical Translation
Legal Translation Marketing Translation Content Writing

Certified Latvian Translation Services

Want to make sure your business message doesn’t get lost in translation? We can help!

Shakti Enterprise is a professional translation agency based in Mumbai, India. Our teams of linguists, project managers and other experts have experience in handling Latvian language translation projects. We provide high-quality language translations at cost-affordable rates.

To know more, take a look at our professional translation services and contact us today!


  • What is the major difference between translation and interpretation?

      Translation is the act of conveying the exact meaning of a written text into another language. Interpretation is the act of conveying the meaning of spoken communication into another language.

  • What is a CAT tool?

      The computer-aided translation is a translation tool that helps the translator during the translation process. The main advantage of using a CAT tool is that the translator can translate a higher number of words per day because the tool recognizes repetitions or text that has been translated before and can be reused.

  • What kind of certification does my translation need?

      While we offer a wide range of certified and notarized translation services, it is best to determine the exact certification you will need. For instance, if a foreign embassy has requested you to provide a translated document, we strongly recommend that you check with them which type of certification is necessary.

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