Macedonian Translation

Shakti Enterprise is a global leader translation agency known for its award wining, high quality Macedonian translation solutions at cost effective prices. We work with a bunch of native translators having in-depth knowledge and understanding about different subject matters and firm mastering of Macedonian language including its grammar, spelling and cultural appropriateness, thus guaranteeing complete customer satisfaction. Their rich expertise and deep understanding about the target market help us to deliver precise and professional translations that are sensitive to culture and other concerns.

Our native translators write precisely and well, dedicated to the original style of the documentation and we deliver these professional services at a discounted rate ranging from USD 0.08 to USD 0.10 per source word. Our Macedonian translators cover a wide range of subject matter and have expertise in delivering language services for :

  • Mechanical engineering document
  • Automobile engineering document
  • Car Multimedia Document
  • Power tools document

Our translators are also competent in handling other translation projects related to

  • Marketing presentations
  • Training material
  • Newsletters
  • Technical specifications Standards
  • Contracts
  • Web pages


Our translation philosophy

We at Shakti Enterprise guarantee our clients with complete localized translations because our native translators go beyond simple translations and translate the designs, meanings, tone and message along with the words that help us to deliver a fully localized version for the target market.

Macedonian Language Facts

Macedonian is the official language of Macedonia. This language is also widely spoken in many countries including Albania, Bulgaria, and Greece. So, the native speaker of this language is only 1, 386, 00 and the total number of speakers of this language is 2,000,000. The dialects used for this language are Northern Macedonian, Southeastern Macedonian, and Western Macedonian.

Our Macedonian to English translation resources

With the aim to uphold the precision language accuracy, cultural awareness and flow, we regularly scrutinized our translators by using our proven industry leading requirements. This highlights our dedication towards exactitude and thus guaranteeing complete customer satisfaction. Our native bilingual translators are passionate about delivering translations at the cutting edge of all professions including legal, financial, technical, medical, automotive, marketing, and engineering, computers, telecommunications, and most other fields. With years of experience in different domains and correct language flavor, our translators have been serving the industry with world class translation services. The cultural approach and in-depth knowledge about Macedonian language of our translators coupled with our intelligent company management and proven quality assurance method help us to deliver customer specific services at a price that everyone can afford.

Our translators only translate in their mother tongue and carry up-to-date qualification. They deliver translations in compliance to the international standards instead of local standards. They are competent in translating in their specialty including technical, medical, tourism, financial, e-Learning etc. To address the translation need of each customer we assign separate project managers. They not only look after the specific demands of customer, instead they also ensure our clients to achieve world class translations at a price that they can easily afford. Our project managers have years of experience in the field and ensure our clients to deliver translations that meet their specific needs and quality standards within the deadline set by the clients.