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East European Language

When it comes to doing business in East Europe, English and Russian alone are not sufficient. There are independent states with official language status in Eastern Europe. Target your country with the language of the market and grow business internationally.

The following are languages spoken and official language status in respective countries of Eastern Europe.

Armenian is officially recognized in Armenia. It also spoken in Russia, Georgia and Iran. There are approximately 7 million people who speak Armenian language.
Albanian Official Language of Albania. The language is also spoken in Macedonia and Kosovo. The language is spoken by approximately 6 million people.
Azeri Azeri belongs to Turkish language family. It is official language of Azerbaijan. Speakers of Azeri also are found in Turkey, Iran, Iraq, Geogia and Russia. There are 30 million people speaking Azeri…………
Bulgarian Official Language of Bulgaria having a native population of 7.4 million in Bulgaria and another 4.6 million spread across Ukraine, Moldova, Greece and Serbia. The language belongs to South Slavic group.
Croatian Official Language of Croatia. Croatian is also spoken in Bosnia and Herzegovina.
Serbian Serbian is the official language of Serbia and is closely related to Croatian language. Serbian is also officially recognized in Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro. There are a total of 8 million people who speak Serbian
Czech Official Language of The Czech Republic. Czech language is also spoken in Austria, Germany and Slovakia. It uses Latin alphabet. Czech is native language for 12 Million people in Europe
Georgia It is an official language in Georgia. Georgian is also spoken in Turkey, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Greece, Iran and Russia.
Hungarian Official Language of Hungary. Hungarian is also spoken as native language in Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Serbia and Austria. There are a total of 15 million native speakers of Hungarian Language in Europe.
Kazakh Kazakh language belongs to Turkish Language family. It is the official language of Kazakhstan and has 12 million native speakers.
Latvian Latvian is the official language of Latvia and spoken by 2 million people. It resembles closely with Lithuanian.
Lithuanian Lithuanian is the official language of Lithuania. The language is also spoken in Poland and Belarus. Approximately 4 million people speak Lithuanian
Macedonian The language belongs to South Slavic Language Group. Macedonian is the official language of the Republic of Macedonia and is also spoken in Albania, Greece and Bulgaria.
Bosnian Bosnian is the official language in Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is written in Latin alphabet and closely resembles Serbian and Croatian language. Bosnian is spoken by 3 million
Polish Spoken as Native language by 50 million people mostly in Poland. It is a West Slavic Language group. Polish uses Latin alphabet. A professional native translator only can really do proper translation from English to Polish as there are possibility of grammar and spelling mistakes due to existence many alphabets for similar sounding words
Romanian Romanian is also official language in Moldova. It is also spoken in Hungary and Serbia. It uses Latin alphabet and is related closely with Italian, Spanish and French. There are approximately 24 million native speakers of Romanian in Europe.
Russian Spoken as Native language by 145 million people and another 110 million people as a second language. Russian is written in Cyrillic language. It is a East Slavic Language group together with Ukrainian and Belarusian language.
Slovak Slovak is West Slavic language group. The language spoken in Slovakia, The Czech Republic, Hungary and Ukraine. There 6 million native speakers of Slovak in Europe.
Slovenian Slovenian is the official language of Slovenia. It is a South Slavic Language group spoken by 2.5 million people. It is written in Latin and has great influence with German. Slovenia is also spoken in Austria and Italy
Ukrainian Ukrainian is the official language of Ukraine after Ukraine attained independence from Soviet Union. Ukrainian is East Slavic Language spoken by 44 million people
Uzbek The language belongs to East Turkish Language group. It is officially recognized in the Republic of Uzbekistan.The are approximately 21 million people speaking Uzbek language

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