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Modi Script Translation Services

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At Shakti Enterprise we are offering proficient and the most professional translation services to our clients. Now, we have added Modi Translation Services which is definitely one of the rarest scripts used these days. Modi derives its name from the Marathi word modane or bend where the writers are allowed for continuous writing by bending the letters. It also allows scribes to keep pace while noting down the edicts, in a way a great script that may have great use for a lot of professionals.

According to various historians Modi lipi was invented as a cursive i.e. shorthand or speed writing to note down the royal edicts. This is also true that over the centuries, it has undergone changes; for instance, it has various phases e.g. Bahamani in 16th century, Shivkalin in 17th century and Peshwekalin in 18th century and finally Anglakalin in the 19th -20th century.

Why is Modi Script so Exclusive?

As the history goes it was Sir Charles Wilkins, an English typographer and Orientalist who developed Modi metal types, which were used to a limited extent to publish books. Being the founding member of the Asiatic Society he worked a lot on India’s old literature, one of them was the first translation of Bhagavad Gita into English. Interestingly enough Modi script was still in use until around 1950 as it was becoming difficult for organizations to print the script and in consequence to that Marathi has since been written in Devanagari script.

Why is there a need for Modi Script Translation?

Though the Modi script was developed for the convenience of people and now it is not used a lot, there are still a number of books and literature written in it. Nonetheless, it is important to read Modi script for historians, academicians, researchers if the wish to do research on the time period and literature. Similarly, legal experts and lawyers need Modi script translation since during the Hindvi Swaraj of Shivaji it has been used a lot in courts and land records were kept in it.

How is Shakti Enterprise helping with Modi script translation services?

We at Shakti Enterprise helping out historians, academicians, researchers with Modi script document translation services. Bring the old documents and our Modi script translators would help you with perfection. Nonetheless, it is all a work of immense skill and difficult to find out experts and Modi lipi translator; however, we have harvested the talent and keep them for your services. Just send your queries to us!

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