Sanskrit Translation

Shakti Enterprise has acknowledged reputation globally for delivering fast, precise and cost-effective translation services. We have rich experience and expertise in delivering top-class translation services in Sanskrit. The Sanskrit translations we deliver comprise of expertise, precision, perfection and timely delivery. We ensure our clients with precise and highly professional Sanskrit translations that are culturally sensitive and meet the quality standards.

Our native translators have in-depth understating about Sanskrit culture and sound knowledge about grammar and style required in the process of translation. We take the pride to deliver the most affordable translation services in the industry ranging from USD 0.08 to USD 0.10 per source word. Our translators are well versed in handling projects related to:

  • Mechanical engineering document
  • Automobile engineering document
  • Car Multimedia Document
  • Power tools document

They are also dedicated in delivering language services for Sanskrit Marketing presentations, Sanskrit Training material Sanskrit Newsletters, Sanskrit Technical specifications Standards and contracts and Sanskrit Web pages.

Our translation philosophy

We,at Shakti Enterprise,are acquainted with the cultural references and this helps us go beyond mere translation and deliver a fully localized adaptation. Our native translators not only translate the text of the documents, but also translate the designs, meanings, tone and message to deliver a localized version to our clients.

Sanskrit Language Facts

Countries where official : India
Countries where spoken : none

Number of speakers
Native - 6,106
Total - 194,433

Dialects: none

Our Sanskrit to English translation resources

Our highly professional Sanskrit translators have rich experience and expertise in translation industry and the quality level delivered by them underscores our emphasis on precision. The native translators are well versed in different domains including legal, financial, technical, medical, automotive, marketing, engineering, computers, telecommunications, and most other fields. We believe in employing only experienced native Sanskrit translators with correct language flavor so as to deliver quality translations, while keeping the original essence of the document intact. With our intelligent company management and proven quality assurance method we have been successfully serving various industry leaders across the world with world class translations including Pfizer, Rediffusion DY&R, TATA, Lowe Lintas and more.

We have a team of quality controlled polyglots who are skilled bilingual native translators and have the skill set to handle translation projects of different domains including technical, medical, tourism, financial, e-Learning etc. Besides, to look after the specific translation needs of each client we assign our highly skilled and professional Project Managers. They create a team of professional translators by considering the needs and demand of the project. They ensure that the translations delivered by us meet the quality standards and needs of each client. They have sound domain knowledge, quick decision making skills and with their friendly approach they make the process easier and hassle free for our clients.

Because of our firm dedication towards on-time delivery, high accuracy and competitive pricing we have set a bench mark in the translation industry and we have a reputed name to work with some of the industry leaders across the globe.