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Serbian Translation Services

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The economy of Serbia is a service-based upper-middle-income economy with the tertiary sector accounting for two-thirds of total GDP. The strongest sectors here are energy, automotive industry, machinery, mining, and agriculture.

However, to conduct business transactions with this nation, it is essential to communicate in the native Serbian language. This is where Serbian translation services come in.

Accurate Language Translations

If you need English to Serbian or Serbian to English translation services for your business expansion in manufacturing, engineering, healthcare, transportation, financial services, or IT, we have the right language experts to ensure accurate and efficient linguistic results.

Our highly qualified Serbian translators, editors and project managers guarantee the accurate language translations and exceed client’s expectations.

Serbian Document Translation Experts

At Shakti Enterprise, we understand the importance of communicating the right message to your global audience. No matter what type of content you need to get translated, we will allocate the right talent for the job to ensure that the message is delivered properly and is understood by the audience in the way you want.

With our dedicated team for each project, we translate documents with terms specific to field such as law, medical, academic, financial, and technical, accurately to the target language.

Interesting Facts About The Serbian Language

✔ It is a South Slavic language.

✔ It is the official language of Serbia.

✔ It is one of the three official languages of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

✔ Serbian-speaking population adds up to 12 million.

Overview Of Our Services

Document Translation Certificate Translation Audio Translation
Website Translation Video Translation Technical Translation
Legal Translation Marketing Translation Content Writing

Authentic Serbian Translation Service Provider

Shakti Enterprise is a leading professional Serbian translation service provider in Mumbai, India managing a worldwide network of experienced translators who work in their native language to deliver cost-effective translation services in fast turnaround time.

We are committed to the best quality standards. Thanks to the strict quality assurance system and the best translation tools, your final translated document reads as if it has been originally written in the target language.

Take a look at our language translation services and contact us for more information.


"Delivering quality, timely service and giving value for money are the essential principles on which we do business"


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