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Software Localization Services

String Extraction: Localized software products often require sets of data that are to be customized depending on the region. This data (mainly strings) is extracted from the code and saved in “key=value” format separately in files commonly known as resource bundle or language packs. String extraction from the code and putting them in language packs means the code becomes locale-independent and can handle multiple languages and the translators will deal only with translatable text and not the programming codes.
We offer String extraction for all programming languages to make your software, web-site, mobile apps internationalization (i18n) ready. The application can handle multiple languages without resorting to multiple coding for different languages.

Localization of software for Mobile Apps and Web Apps are not the same as localizing documents. The strings to translate are often too short. They are sometimes single words. The context is not very clear unless the product and the user interface is revealed to translator. For example the word “Book” on a stand-alone basis will mean ‘Reading Material’ than ‘Making a booking’ in the commercial sense for selling in e-commerce portals. There are many such words and icons and colors and components that must be localized.

We have a dedicated team of Project Managers, Localization Engineers and Technical experts to take care of all your Software Localization of Mobile and web Apps in any international language.

Mobile Apps

Mobile apps are application software designed to run on Smartphones, Tablets and other Mobile devices. Most of the Mobile Apps designed for Gaming, Personalization, SMS, GPS and other Click-to-Call function require translation in local language to cater to global markets. Read More

Web Apps or Mobile Websites

Web Apps or Mobile websites are browser based software that facilitates users to perform tasks online. If your corporate goals of multi lingual websites are designed with marketing objective, it becomes advantageous to add web Apps immediately as the future of Internet is going to be more and more mobile driven. Read More

We partner closely with our clients to translate mobile and website applications and to prepare and test regular iterative updates. Our expertise minimizes costs while maintaining an exceptional global product.

Mobile will surpass desktop and will soon be a single source device for all their online activities. Add to your Website Translation, Localization of web Apps and Mobile Apps and be present across all Digital Media.

"Delivering quality, timely service and giving value for money are the essential principles on which we do business"

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