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Best Transcription Services for Digital World

We offer transcription service of your audio/visual files from any language to any language using expert linguists. We can work on any files such as Audio cassettes, CDs, DVDs, MP3, etc. We have 30+years of experience in transcription services and have successfully served many biggest agencies and brands with a method to produce their or their clients’ material in diverse foreign languages.

Transcription of the audio from the source file into a text document is the first step if the client is not able to provide the script in a word document. Our transcription service for extracting a recorded speech or portions of footage uses advanced process resulting in an exact word to word transcription of audio into a text document with the help of professionals in the field of legal, technical, medical, marketing and literature. The extract will be suitably formatted for male or female voice over as well as for subtitling for each frame with time duration and elapsed time for the entire period of the film.

Script Translation service: Once the original script is given for translation, consultation with the client takes place on portions of the text that require translation or editing with a view to localize the content. Translation of the text from one language to another is done by taking into consideration the mood, tone, male/female voice, and visual expressions in specific footage as well as the overall appeal of the film.

The words are chosen while translating the script written for corporate communication would be different based on purposes. The length of a translated text should be rehearsed keeping the video running, to check if the translated sentence is read comfortably without hurrying up the sentence and fits within the time frame of each sequence.

We engage with linguists for each script translation after careful consideration of source content and target audience. We believe in three-way communication for the best result. Consultation between Project Manager, Translator, and Client is kept open and constant until the final approval of the script is obtained.

"Delivering quality, timely service and giving value for money are the essential principles on which we do business"

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