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Transcription converts speech into a written or electronic text document. These services are often provided for business, legal, or medical purposes. A few examples are - proceedings of a court hearing, such as a criminal trial or a physician's recorded voice notes.

A professional transcription service provides clients with documents made from interviews, speeches, meetings, and dictation. They are used in finance, technology, marketing, manufacturing, government, law, as well as the arts and nonprofit sectors, are services which transcribe audio information into typewritten documents.

Why Pick on Professional Transcription Services?

Businesses use transcription services for a range of reasons. For example, a company that needs a video translation might first need to transcribe the spoken parts of the video, if there is no written script ready for translation. Video transcription services are often used for legal purposes.

Academic Transcription Legal Transcription Business Transcription Conference Transcription
Lectures Memorandum Focus Group Board Meeting
Presentations Depositions Dictation Trade Show
Seminars Court Tapes Insurance Minutes
Group Discussions Verbatim Market Research Conference Call
Interviews Wire Tap Corporate Meetings Lectures
Research Work Trials Interview Webinar
Medical Transcription Audio Transcription Video Transcription
Lab Report MP3 Market Research
Patient Chart Interview Audio Podcast Video
Medical History Business Audio Interview Video
Clinical Summary Podcast Focus Group Video
Operative Report Online Audio Legal
Discharge Summary Sermon Audio Media

Best Transcription Services for Digital World

Best transcription services can help you capture more value from your recorded audio. We, at Shakti Enterprise, are equipped with expert transcriptionists making sure that the quality of our transcripts remains intact. Be it an in-depth interview, podcast, seminar, or conference call – our transcription team provides accurate transcripts tailored to your needs.

Shakti Enterprise is ready to assist you with all of your transcription needs. For more information, take a look at our transcription services and contact us today.

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