“Identify the type of service
that is right for you.”

Identify the type of service that is right for you and enjoy package benefits.

We understand your need to control cost and eliminate waste. At the same time we also understand that we cannot reduce cost of translation by resorting to machine translation where quality is a suspect. This understanding drives us to build internal process and use technology for efficiency in project management so that our project costs are always attractive and reasonable to you.

Budget Translation : Translation+ Mechanical Review

Translation that is meant to be ‘For information’ purpose can be unpolished yet accurate and can be produced faster and cheaper compared to translation that is meant to be ‘For Publication’ work. When the objective of translation is only ‘For information’ and not ‘For publishing’, budget translation is an ideal solution.

Standard Translation : Translation + Mechanical Review + QA + Proof Reading

For translations of documents, circulars, inter-office communications that does not have commercial implication, it is advisable to go for Standard translation by professional native translator.

Professional Translation: Translation + Proof reading + QA + Mechanical Review

For translations of documents, technical brochures, user manuals and other literatures that is meant ‘For Publishing’ and has commercial impact since they are addressed to customers, it is advisable to go professional translation.

Value-Added Translation: Translation + Style Check + Proof Reading+ Review + QA + Revision

For translations of Corporate Communication, Marketing Collaterals, Press releases, or any other material which require translation and localization for culturally connecting with the target population, it is advisable to go for Value-Added translation that goes beyond words and brings out the essence of your source content in multiplelanguages to connect with target audience culturally.

Engaging with Qualified Translation Agency is a Cost effective solution

Rely on Shakti enterprise, a qualified and certified translation agency in India with a track record of more than 4 decades of translation service and trusted world over by companies big and small.

"Delivering quality, timely service and giving value for money are the essential principles on which we do business"

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