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Professional Voice Over Services – Enhance Your Audios Effortlessly

Voice Over is a narration or dialogue done by an off-screen narrator/ voice artist. This is used in radio, TV, films, theatre, documentaries, news reports, etc. Voice over is usually pre-recorded, which is attached to the video file later on.

When Will You Require A Voice Over?

It is required when your audio that includes dialogues, narrations in a particular language has to be converted into a different language. Corporate presentations, online training courses, computer-based-training modules, advertisements, films, movies, and documentaries use voice overs for use in different countries that have a different language.

Voice over involves a proper understanding of the script which is used by the voice artists to record the audio. If you require the voice over in different languages, then Shakti Enterprise can get your script translated into the different languages. We can employ professional native voice over artists in a language you require, to produce the audio recordings in an in-house professional studio.

We Deliver Professional Voice Over Service For A Variety Of Media Including

Announcements E-learning Audiobooks
Jingles Narratives Kiosks
Corporate Videos Training Programs Sales Presentations
Product Endorsement Instructional Guides Voice Over for IVR

About Us

Shakti Enterprise offers professional voice over services in most of the Asian and European languages backed by years of experience and wide reach around the world. We are a voice over service agency established in Mumbai, India, equipped with best artists around the world to the talent pool to ensure a perfect match for your requirement. Our team consists of a wide range of voice over artists, classified based on their language, age, voice style, and tone.

Our team of expert professionals undertake key projects, which also include transcription of audio to extract the script. This script is then translated by a native professional translator into your desired language, and a professional voice over artist records the audio to meet your requirements.

We integrate the voice over seamlessly to ensure that the adapted version matches the quality of your original product. This involves overlaying voice over matching the time-code and script. Whether it is a 30-second commercial, two-minute YouTube video, or an hour-long e-learning program, our platform ensures the fastest possible turnaround and the highest possible voice over quality.

Benefits Of Working With Us

✔Superior Sound Quality

✔Talented Voice Over artist

✔Fast turnaround

✔Ready to broadcast audio quality

✔Rate Transparency

✔Sensitive to client deadlines

Find The Best Voice For Your Project!

Need a persuading voice for your upcoming project, IVR, advertisement, or a movie? Your wait is over! Shakti Enterprise, a professional voice over agency offers quick, efficient and cost-effective services through a reliable network of professional voice over artists.

For more information, take a look at our spectrum of services and Contact us today!

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