Website Localization

To be found, a business needs to have multilingual internet presence. So, considering the fact we at Shakti Enterprise come forth with our innovative website localization services with the aim to make the brand of our clients globally recognized. We are here to remove the language barriers that often comes in between our clients and prospective customers. Being a leading provider of website localization services, we at Shakti Enterprise assist our clients in every step of web translation process including localization testing, localization engineering, translation and internationalization. Whether you are a corporate, a small business or a blogger, we have customized web localization services to address your needs.


The process of web localization is much more than just simply translation, thus making it a multi-layered and complex process. The website localization comprise of customization and translation of documents and letters for any selected region or country, especially the countries that are culturally different and have languages difference from yours. Shakti Enterprise not only provides web localization services, instead the company also handles subtitle localization services and documents localization services efficiently. Our native web localization team assures that the content delivered is locally and culturally accepted by the target audience, thus helping our clients to create a close relationship with the prospective customers globally.


Internet marketing in foreign language is soon becoming the next big thing today and thus the web localization services have become the crucial aspects for businesses, organizations and companies for their market expansion endeavors. Businesses looking to grow and develop in countries where language and culture is different, the opting for web localization services offered by Shakti Enterprise would be the effective solution to know and come closer to the customers of different countries across the globe. The acceptance of products and services in foreign countries and regions is guaranteed after availing web localization of Shakti Enterprise, while the brand image of the organization and business will develop significantly indeed.


We at Shakti Enterprise not just simply localize the website for the foreign countries; instead, we strive to eliminate all types of political leanings, colors, geographical significance and offensive graphics to make sure that the culture and customers of foreign countries accept the website with pleasure. The localization services offered by Shakti Enterprise assures a dedicated treatment to the website before unveiling to the target audience, thus making your website highly standard and acceptable at an very competitive price possible.


There are few stats that will definitely help our clients understand why web localization services of Shakti Enterprise is quite crucial for companies and businesses to grow and for their expansion endeavors. Through the following stats our clients will comes to know as well why multilingual websites and internet marketing in foreign language is beneficial for the market expansion endeavors of the business. 


  • states, around 70% of internet users across the globe tend to speak in their native language.
  • A study was conducted by Prof. Manish Raizada in association with Google Group where he found that the information present on internet today is almost in English and about 700,000,000 non-English speaking internet users are unable access these information because they prefer to speak in their native language instead of English.
  • The Forrester Research states that an internet user tends to stay long and read the information if they found the website having content in his or her native language in place of English.
  • It has also been observed that internet users tend to purchase and gather information from websites providing information in their native languages. In spite of these above-mentioned stats, you might still be wondering why to opt for web localization services offered by Shakti Enterprise.
  • Shakti Enterprise is equipped with highly qualified team of professionals dedicated in delivering timely and accurate localized websites, while preserving the authenticity and quality of the website like the original. Our professionals pay special attention to the characteristics of web localization including flexibility, consistency of terminology, size and appearance, fluency and context and reliability of the content. We only employ web experts and DTP experts to handle the web localization and they have rich experience in handling the simple to most complex websites and can localize the website in any foreign languages with ease.
  • The localization team of Shakti Enterprise are well versed and well acquainted with the concepts used in Internet marketing today and thus they take each and every aspects of localization into consideration to help you become an international business player. We guarantee our web localization services will enhance the flair and effectiveness of the message and content in native languages, while the meaning and quality of the message and content will be maintained as the original.
  • The website localization services offered by Shakti Enterprise usually perform well with XML/HTML/XHTML versions.
  • Shakti Enterprise believes in employing the best brains in the industry who are well versed in localization services and better understanding about files like PHP/A SP/JSP, CSS, Java, PSD, Flash and data driven websites.
  • Besides, providing web localization services Shakti Enterprise also specializes in providing assistance in other web areas including search engine keywords, PPC advertising content and AD banners.
  • We only ask for the source files from our clients and entrust the project to our localization team who translate the website into the required native language for the target audience in short time possible.
  • We not just only translate the website, instead the translated website undergo several strict and stringent proof reading sessions conducted by the experts of the concerned domain before the final product is delivered to the clients for uploading on internet.


Languages Internet Users (In %) Internet Users (In Millions)
English 31.2 366
Chinese 15.7 184
Spanish 8.7 102
Japanese 7.4 86
French 5.0 59
German 5.0 59
Portuguese 4.0 47
Korean 2.9 34
Italian 2.7 31
Arabic 2.5 29



Shakti Enterprise has the expertise to work on websites to localize it into over hundred of foreign languages with ease. Our professional localization team not only translates the website, but also culturally adapts the text and authenticates all the hypertext links so as to make it a website that is acceptable by target audience and make it completely communicating. From reader's culture to use of picture, and focused devotion to the choice to country specific navigation distinctions to native traditional values, Shakti Enterprise has the expertise to localize a website for any foreign country much more than simply translating the texts. We deliver accurate, fast and completely localized solutions for websites and we are equipped with in-house DTP and Web experts to handle any simple to most complex localization tasks with ease.

Our localization team is well versed with the latest internet marketing concepts for the target country and thus provides localization services by considering all these localization aspects. This assures the effectiveness and flair of the message and content to target audience, whilst the authenticity and real meaning of the messages is preserved as the original.      

The most common file types we work with are.

  • Java/CSS
  • Flash/PSD (Photoshop)
  • Database-driven websites

Apart from your website content the other web areas that we can help you with are.

  • Search engine keywords
  • PPC advertising content
  • Ad Banners

Just entrust us the source file that is to be localized and we guarantee to deliver you high quality localized website that is tested and ready to upload in short time possible.