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Your website is your interface with customers.

String Extraction : Localized software products often require sets of data that are to be customized depending on the region. This data (mainly strings) is extracted from the code and saved in “key=value” format separately in files commonly known as resource bundle or language packs. String extraction from the code and putting them in language packs means the code becomes locale-independent and can handle multiple languages and the translators will deal only with translatable text and not the programming codes.
We offer String extraction for all programming languages to make your software, web-site, mobile apps internationalization (i18n) ready. The application can handle multiple languages without resorting to multiple coding for different languages.

The world is getting more and more interconnected. As a result, more and more companies are turning global in their effort to expand business. Internet marketing in foreign language is the next big thing to-day in marketing and website localization is the starting point for penetrating new markets and increase ROI.

Internet Users who browse their local language website are inclined to stay twice as long in their language website than in English website as they are comfortable to read about product and service information in their native language.

Website Translation in multiple languages gives volume and reach.
Website Localization in multiple languagesgives you competitive edge, as you are perceived global with local connect.
Website Localization in multiple language helps you to penetrate new market where English is not the preferred language by Internet Users.

Website Localization in multiple languages helps you to connect culturally and make right impact as you speak their language.

Website Translation in multiple language with linguistic SEO helps you to gain web traffic due to use of relevant keywords that are apt as per customer preference during search and use of such keywords in translation.

A multi lingual website that speaks your customer language, connects culturally and is SEO enabled to attract more web traffic in an uncluttered environment.

Website Translation Services is the most cost effective solution to add your customer base in existing market and to penetrate new market. Identify your market and culturally connect with vast majority of cutomer whose mother tongue is not English, by website localization in multiple languages.

Introducing Beyondwordz

Beyondwordz is a brand of Shakti Enterprise, created to differentiate our service from others in the business of website Localization. At beyondwordz, we literally go beyondwordz to understand your market, your product and your services, and the localization requirement. This understanding leads us to suggest suitable adaptation of language, colours, images, graphics and synchronize your website with emotional and cultural connect. The final result is always to bring the essence of the original in the target language.

Visit www.beyondwordz.com for more information.

The most common file types we work with are.

  • • Java/CSS
  • • Flash/PSD (Photoshop)
  • • Database-driven websites

Apart from your website content the other web areas that we can help you with are.

  • • Search engine keywords
  • • PPC advertising content
  • • Ad Banners

Just entrust us the source file that is to be localized and we guarantee to deliver you high quality localized website that is tested and ready to upload in short time possible.

"Delivering quality, timely service and giving value for money are the essential principles on which we do business"

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