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A birth certificate is an important record that documents the birth of a child. For most of us, a birth certificate is an undeniable document that guides our identity and allows us to receive a driver’s license and a passport. Birth certificate contains important information and is required in many processes including but not limited to matters related to inheritance, education, career, immigration and visa. Therefore, it is understood that the absence of birth certificate can create serious problems in an individual’s life.

Problems may also arise, when an individual has a birth certificate but it’s in a language which the processing authorities find difficult to understand. For example, one of our customer’s birth certificate was in Hindi and he needed a UK Visa application. To proceed with this, it was necessary for him to get it translated from Hindi to English.

In addition to birth certificate translation, we also provide translation service for:

  • Marriage Certificate
  • Divorce Certificate and Judgments
  • Death Certificate
  • Notarized Certificate
  • Visa and Travel related documents

At Shakti Enterprise, we have professional translators who regularly work on birth certificate translations. They are fully aware of the importance of the document and have ample amount of experience in translating birth certificates and many other documents.

We are a top translation company for birth certificate translation because we offer low translation rates and unique customer service. Our birth certificate translations cover 100+ languages making us a leading provider of certified translation services.

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