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With the change in technology and the rise in video popularity, captioning service is gaining importance. Captions improve viewership by letting you reach out to people who are learning a new language and also to those who are impaired.

The main benefit of video captioning services is that whatever your budget, it’s easy to find an effective solution that boosts visibility while also making your content easier for users to engage with.

Types of Video Captioning Services:

1. Open Captioning

These are displayed for everyone to see. These captions cannot be turned off. They are known as “burned in” or “hardcoded” captioning. Example: Subtitled foreign films.

2. Closed Captioning:

It matches the transcribed text to the moving visual images on a screen. Here, the viewer is given an option to either switch the captions on or off. This is used in program guides, online videos, movies, TV programs, video games and YouTube videos.

3. Live Captioning:

Here, captions are transmitted for live TV programs such as news, sports coverage, speeches and other programs.

captioning services

Benefits of Captioning Your Videos

1. Increases views

2. Ranks higher in the result pages of search engines

3. Increases accessibility

4. Improves average watch time & user experience

5. Broadens video reach internationally

6. Unrestricted access for deaf or hard of hearing viewers

Types Of Captioning Services That We Offer

Video Movie Live
Documentary DVDs TV series

Enhance Your Video Content with Professional Captioning Services

Professional closed captioning service involves integrating transcribed text from dialogue and sounds as they happen. With the help of these services, creative departments, production teams, and marketing teams can receive maximum comprehension and engagement with the videos.

Shakti Enterprise is a leading provider of professional captioning services in India. We deliver the most reliable and real-time captioning services in the industry at the level of quality that has earned us elite captioning agreements with some of the leading video providers.

Our expert team of professionals is competent enough to place the captions correctly on the screen, making it easier for the viewers to recognize who is speaking the dialogue.

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