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Shakti Enterprise is equipped with a dedicated team of professionals that aims to offer right service in suitable way. We ensure to comprehend exactly what clients look for and deliver them tailored services as per their needs. Besides, simultaneous interpreting and translation services, we also specialize in offering consecutive interpreting services for a wide range of fields ranging from marketing to business and healthcare.

In consecutive interpreting, the interpreter usually speaks just after the original speaker ends the conversation. The process is slightly different; the interpreter needs to listen to the consecutive speech of the original speaker for few minutes and then express or interpret the contents in target language, accurately and eloquently.

Organizations and individuals looking for interpreting services for their short business meetings and presentations, hire our consecutive interpreting services to receive fruitful results. To become a consecutive interpret one needs to fully understand the target language along with its culture. That's why Shakti Enterprise only assigns the right professionals and interpreters having long-standing experience in handling consecutive interpretation.

We take pride to have the team of highly qualified and well versed consecutive interpreters who have expertise to handle interpreting conversations in meetings and conferences and assure smooth message transmission. Rely on our consecutive interpreting services for your rapid growth in business.

"Delivering quality, timely service and giving value for money are the essential principles on which we do business"

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