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We believe in utilizing in-nation and local language proficient translators who have area involvement with educational, human services, clinical, finance, advertising, legal, and industrial divisions so the last archive mirrors the expected message of the document.

Human Translation

Native professional translators with expertise in the subject and knowledge of both source and target language can be relied upon for the translations. The end result will always be meaningful, readable and say what you mean in any given language. So for all commercial purposes, if you need to communicate with clarity, you will always have to first connect with the translators. Language translation services Have professionals who offer content which is beyond words with intact context matter. The impact of the translated language will always be kept intact with respect to the source language.

Human translation will help you get best quality content as compared to that of machine translation. It will be meaningful and easily understood by the target market

Process of our translation services.

  • All pertinent documents and textual content are collected by a project manager from the client
  • Then a detailed discussion with the client is carried out so that the objectives of the project and the vision of the client are understood by the linguists who would work on the project
  • The next step is to understand whether the project would target the local market segments of India or the project is aimed at the international market segments
  • A team of native linguists who are proficient in the target language(s) are handpicked by the project manager
  • Next, the ragtag team of linguists would use the latest CAT tools and related apps in a bid to create terminology and translation databases. This step is crucial as it allows our team of linguists to complete large projects within the agreed timeline.
  • All translated content is subjected to strenuous quality assurance procedures. This ensures that the project is on par with our high quality standards. At the same time, this step also allows us to make sure that the project is on par with the specification set by our client
  • The translated content is then delivered to the client
  • What other translation services we do provide

    • Book translation services – We can help authors and publishers in India and overseas to translate their work into more than 100 languages
    • Document Translation Services – We have what it takes to translate business documents, IT documents, legal documents, corporate communications, surveys, Advertising/promotional collateral, etc. to more than 100 languages.
    • Certificate Translation Services – We can translate important certificates like death certificates, birth declarations, international IDs, etc. so that the translated certificate becomes acceptable to apex authorities worldwide. We also provide our clients with a certificate of accuracy with every certificate we have translated for them.
    • Technical Translation Services – We have a team of highly skilled, certified and experienced native linguists with technical backgrounds. Hence, we are one of the few Language Service Providers who can translate technical collateral from engineering companies, end-user guides of products, technical websites, product labels, patent documents, CAD drawings, engineering catalogues, RFP responses, e-learning content, safety manuals, installation manuals, training collateral, technical proposal collateral, data sheets, MSDS etc.
    • Medical Translation Services - We also serve the Indian and international healthcare sectors with our quality-assured medical translation services. Our medical translation services are ideal for translating medical documents like healthcare service booklets, clinical trial forms, research reports, pharmaceutical product promotional collateral, etc. Our medical translators are certified.
    • Manual Translation Services - We provide manual translation for multiple indian languages.also serve international technical sectors with our quality-assured translation services.The user can access the merchandise easier thanks to manual conversion. In addition to translating manuals, logs, and guidelines,and many more.
    • Avail Services of Shakti Enterprise for Translation

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