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The growth in international trade has led to a rise in the demand for legal translations. Many companies require legal documents to be translated from one language to another. However, legal document translation is not so simple. Even minor errors can result in lawsuits. This is why you need professional legal translation experts for a perfect job

Legal translation is the process of translating all the texts related to the field of law. Usually, these texts are certificates of accuracy, witness statements, articles of incorporation, litigation documents, and immigration documents, to name a few.

Importance of Legal Document Translation

Requires accuracy and an understanding of government regulations, laws and the judicial system.

✔Law in different languages and in different countries.

✔Cases that are heard in a court of two countries.

✔Individuals with no knowledge of other country’s language.

Professional Legal Translation Service – Requirements

1. Attention to detail

2. Accuracy

3. Knowledge of legal systems and terminology

4. Confidentiality

5. On-time delivery

Every country has a different culture, language and legal system. Therefore, the legal translator must have an in-depth understanding, not only of the two languages but also of the legal systems involved in the translation project. He also needs to know a common law and civil law system. All these things help him to perform accurate legal translations.

Few of the Commonly Translated Documents Are As Follows

Contracts Proposals License
Statutes & Laws Patent & Trademark Letter of Credit
Financial Records Safety Guidelines Judicial Transcripts
Litigation Document Immigration Documents Compliance Documents
Business Tenders Foreign Legal Text Corporate Bylaws

Professionals, You Can Trust

Global companies have legal departments to handle all the many documents of contracts, agreements, court proceedings, patents, copyright statements, litigations, and various other legal matters. These require translation in the language of the jurisdiction. This is where Shakti Enterprise comes into the picture.

Shakti Enterprise provides certified and notarized translation service in India and Abroad with fast turn-around time. We are equipped with legal experts who are also in-country professional legal translators to do justice to the translation task. Our outstanding commitment to quality, service, timely delivery, and appropriate pricing policy has made us one of the most trusted legal translation agnencies in India.

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