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All you need to know about medical translation

Medical translation is the translation of medical documents such as Patient information booklets, Clinical trial forms, and research reports, pharmaceutical and healthcare-related materials which require translation into the official language of the country where it is being distributed. Protocols, patient trial outcomes, patient education booklets, translation of research documents are some of the documents that require accurate translation and translation by bi-lingual experts.

3 major reasons demand medical translation services. They are:

  • Government Regulation
  • Consumer demand for knowledge
  • Consumer demand for branded products
  • How to select a Translator?

    Create a data bank of translators based on the following criteria

  • Language pairs and their Mother tongue
  • Specialization and Domain knowledge
  • Experience
  • How to Ensure Quality When You Do Not Know the Language?

    We lay great importance on the quality of the translation. Our translators for the medical, pharmaceutical and healthcare industry are experienced and qualified professionals with a proven track record of handling translation of all sorts of medical and research-related documents with high accuracy.

    Shakti Enterprise is a one-stop destination for end-to-end medical translation solutions. We have undertaken and accomplished varied types of medical translation projects with utmost accuracy since inception for all our clients.

    We are ISO and DIN Certified and also a member of ATA. We strictly comply with regulatory authorities' needs for quality of translation.

    We are one of the pioneers in India for Medical translations from European to English and English to all Indian Languages.

    Our USPs:

  • Resources and process in place
  • Turn-around times are quick
  • Quality adherences are international standards
  • Costs are low compared to the International market
  • Value for money
  • We allow our clients to access the current database of correct medical terminology, and this assures that the projected meaning of medical text or message is communicated to the target audience accurately.

    We are the first medical translation specialist who has created a database of correct medical terminology, and this database has been enriched regularly over the last 20 years in coordination with the clients who are leaders of the pharmaceutical industry.

    We only employ and entrust medical translations to certified medical translators. So, our clients can be rest assured to receive highly efficient and accurate medical translation services from us at a pocket-friendly rate. Before the medical translation is handed over to our clients, it is reviewed and proofread appropriately by the expert medical translators to deliver high quality translated content with 100% accuracy.

    Mail us info@shaktienterprise.com or call us at +91-9673044944 for any queries.

    "Delivering quality, timely service and giving value for money are the essential principles on which we do business"


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