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A leading name in the translation industry, we at Shakti Enterprise we cater to the specific requirement for fine quality report translation services from clients whether they are corporate or individuals. Moreover, since we are specialists in report translation thanks to our team of report translators who come with a diverse backgrounds and careers, we deliver the finest services.

Our team of translators and language experts translating different types of reports based on various issues and subjects into multiple languages promise for the most professional approach. In fact, since we have the translators who have worked on the translation of project reports, technical manuals, bank annual reports, Govt annual reports, etc. we can commit for range and competitiveness both.

In addition to the above mentioned reports, we also translate corporate annual reports, technical reports, student project reports, analysis reports, etc. amongst others for our clients.

Languages Covered in Report Translation Services

Coming with more than three decades of experience delivering the most essential translation services to clients operating in various industries and sectors, we deal in dozens of languages. Apart from English and Hindi, we also cover a range of other languages spoken widely in India like Gujarati, Marathi, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Punjabi, Bengali, Odia, Kannada, etc. amongst others.

Additionally, we cover most of the foreign languages spoken in Asia, Europe and Africa that include:












The above list of foreign languages is not exclusive as we are always adding new languages to the list of the languages that we cover for the job.

Professional Approach in Translating the Reports

Since report translation services is not so easy task and requires a lot of attention, our translators work on a lot on the finest details. For instance, as technical reports translations require immense amounts of expertise and an eye for detail, our translators work tirelessly in ensuring a seamless translation.

Needless to say technical reports must be accurate for based on them a lot of decisions are made and any wrong translation could lead to disasters.

In addition to having a great sense of technical and target languages, our translators and linguists also come with enough experience and educational qualification in translating the reports. Thus, whether it is the technical reports translations or translating a user manual to a technical guide, we are the professional report translation services providers who have gained experience and deliver the most desired services for our clients.

Following are some of the major report translation services

  • Medical reports for doctors and hospitals
  • Economic reports for data scientists
  • ROI reports for organizations and startups
  • Clinical reports for medical and pharmaceutical organization
  • Legal reports and research papers for law firms and think tanks
  • Political reports for election campaigns and political parties
  • Stock market reports for investors and investing agencies
  • Financial reports for banks, non banking financial bodies
  • Edge with Shakti Enterprise

    The proud organization with tons of experience completing hundreds of translation projects for our clients in India and abroad, we have an expert team of highly efficient and well trained technical translators. Our translators are not just experienced in accurately translating documents and materials from your sector but they know what and how much important accuracy is in report translation.

    Since our native language experts come with diverse backgrounds and industries, they know what it amounts to deliver the required translation, they deliver the services in the most professional and time bound manner. A timely delivery of report translation services is quite vital for it increases productivity as the clients get time to act upon these reports.

    "Delivering quality, timely service and giving value for money are the essential principles on which we do business"

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