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When it comes to internet marketing Google Ads are the most preferred tools where you bid to display brief advertisements for your service offerings and product listings. However, since it is a multilingual world where hundreds of languages are spoken and read around the globe, companies look for Adwords translation services. It helps the companies reach to new market segments with various languages speakers. We at Shakti Enterprise have been delivering the most proficient translation services for Adwords to clients to help them optimize their global reach.

Adwords Translation Services from native language experts

The best part about out Adwords translation services is that we study the local market and find out which are the keywords that the local users search for your product. For instance, there could be powerful keyword that may have been missed; similarly, there could be long-tail search string that could deliver the best results in terms of traffic and conversion, we work on them all.

Thus, our translators not just work on the translation part but also pay huge attention to find out the keywords that work effectively to gain click-through and generate high conversion rates. Localized Adwords works the best and for that at Shakti Enterprise we work on the translation of:

  • Landing Pages in Local Language
  • Google Keywords
  • Ad Copy for Products and Services

Edge with Shakti Enterprise

Being a leading translation agency in India, we understand that an effective translation is lot more than mere exchange of words and grammar of one language to another. Moreover, since all languages come with their unique culture and developmental history, only the native translators are the people who can do the job the best. We collaborate with the native translators to help our clients in their Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns.

Essentially we do not limit our Adwords translation just to literal translation but also help our clients localize the keywords. The end result from the process is that we are able to deliver high-quality, engaging and culturally appropriate translations of PPC adverts for our clients.

With us you get:

  • Adwords translation by the expertise and experienced professionals with background in Internet marketing
  • Our native translators with immense track record meet the required deadlines
  • Excellent command over source language for high-end translation
  • Our linguists have sound knowledge of tools and techniques used in modern day translation services

"Delivering quality, timely service and giving value for money are the essential principles on which we do business"

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