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We are offering the most professional retail translation services to our clients willing to explore the market which has exponential growth prospects. According to various studies global retail sales were projected to around USD 26.7 trillion by 2022, for a comparison, India’s GDP is around USD 3 trillion. India is fast becoming the center of retail revolution as the government has relaxed Foreign Direct Investments in retail up to 100% in single-brand retail and FDI up to 51% in multi-brand retail.

Since we at Shakti Enterprise have decades of experience in delivering the finest translation services, we have carved a niche for our services. We assure our clients operating in the following segments for the professional retail translation services:

  • Retail companies operating in Food and Beverage and Tobacco Products
  • Companies selling Personal and Household Care, Apparel, Footwear, and Accessories
  • Stores selling Furniture, Toys, and Hobby, Industrial and Automotive products
  • Electronic and Household Appliances’ shops
  • Companies doing Pharmaceuticals, Luxury Goods business
  • Businesses running Hypermarkets and Supermarkets
  • Specialty Stores, Department Stores, Convenience Stores, E-Commerce
  • Advantage with Shakti Enterprise

    Translation by Native Speakers - For any localization process it is essential to have the translator from the native country as such a professional also brings with him the knowledge of the society, specific terms used in the language and other required expertise.

    Decades of Experience in Translation - Since we have more than five decades of experience in delivering the translation services, we have the required infrastructure; translation tools and software which help us deliver your project within a stipulated time period.

    Excellent Customer Support - Not just that we offer fast and free quotes for our customers but also help them with the excellent customer support when they ask us for retail translation services.

    "Delivering quality, timely service and giving value for money are the essential principles on which we do business"

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