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Foreign language translation services can help you expand business overseas. Doing business on a global scale offers a vast array of opportunities. Whenever you decide to conduct operations and transactions in another country, you will require the services of a foreign language translation company.

Language translation machines and automated technologies are full of errors. They cannot localize a language; instead, they misuse the homograph words. This can affect the final result of a translation. So, it is advised to choose a professional Arabic translation service provider who can deliver quality and precision of work.

5 Ways Arabic Translations Can Boost Your Business Growth:

The Arabic language has influenced the culture of the world from centuries. The Middle East is one such region where you will find the majority of the Arab population. To tap this fast-growing market of heavy consumers, you need to localize your products or services into Arabic.

Let us know in depth how Arabic language can help you speedup your business growth.

1. Strong International presence

If you want to take your business to a brand new level, foreign language translation services can be of great help. Arabic translation services help in targeting multiple foreign markets effectively. When your website is available in foreign languages, your domestic consumer base will tend to increase. This will also build customer loyalty.

2. Enhanced Localization

To make your customer's feel valued, you must cater to their cultural practices. For this, you need to provide customized experience. To achieve this, you will need the assistance of a professional translation agency. They can help you in localizing your online profile. With this, you will be able to grab the customer's attention and stand out from the crowd.

3. Increased Customer Engagement

To attract foreign markets, you need to transform your business into other languages. If you want to develop large customer bases in Arabian countries, it is essential to take the assistance of a professional Arabic translation service provider. The Arabic translators can transcreate your content from English to Arabic or vice versa and provide you with accurate translations.

4. Effective Market Penetration

Penetrating new markets requires time, effort and money. With Arabic translations, you can explore new markets and develop them faster with higher efficiency and lower costs. Market penetration will be easier for you, once you talk to your target audience in their language.

5.Minimize Miscommunications

By using the local language of the target audience, you can keep miscommunications at bay. This will help you overcome the language barrier between you and your customer. Clear communication will help you grow your brand in the overseas market.


Communicating with the target audience in their native language and providing them with a customized experience will boost your conversion rate. This will in turn, help in acquiring global success. Therefore, you should plan to target different foreign markets and take the assistance of a professional translation company for the transformation of your content.

Few Surprising Facts About The Arabic Language:

The Arabic language is classified as one of the most popular online languages. It is a unique language written and read from right to left.

✔ Arabic is 1500 years old language

✔ It has approx. 200 million native speakers

✔ It is the sixth most-spoken language worldwide.

✔ It is an official language in 22 countries.

✔ It has no capital letters.

✔ This language has sounds that don't exist in other languages.

✔ Dialects of Arabic are Maghrebi (Western), Levantine, Iraqi, Egyptian, and Sudanese.

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As one of the largest Arabic translation companies worldwide, Shakti Enterprise offers certified Arabic translation services to several industries, which include legal, financial, life science, manufacturing, retail, advertising, technology, Gov., etc.

We help companies to scale their global growth efforts by supporting their translation needs in over 100 languages. We manage complex translation workflows and can handle any volume quickly and efficiently.

For those who cannot speak the Arabic language, English to Arabic translation can become a difficult task. Trust our team of expert Arabic translators, native speakers, linguists, and other specialists to customize your marketing campaign to appeal to each one of your international audiences.

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