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Project Services that can save cost and increase ROI

Shakti Enterprise is a dedicated, full-fledged, ISO 2001:2008 and DIN 1508 certified, multilingual language solution company, equipped to provide you with project services for translation, typesetting, website, and software localization for your clients in most Indian and Foreign languages.

Whether you are a translation service provider with limited language translators on panel or a company with translation and DTP projects that require professional management service or a large translation cum localization service provider based in the USA or Europe, interested in Business Process Outsourcing to reduce turn-around-time and save project management cost, please do not hesitate to call or write to us.

Types of Project Services

1. Outsourcing: We undertake your work and complete the projects that require translation of languages not supported by you.

2. Project Management: We work as an extended arm for the localization of global communication in a multi-media environment. The dedicated translation technology utilization with translation memory bank, glossary and terminology management will not only reduce the cost of translation but also build consistency across the languages.

3. Business Process Outsourcing: We undertake project coordination work that can be smoothly executed during our time-zone. It is a win-win situation especially for companies having a presence in USA, UK, and Europe as not only there is time zone advantage when jobs are offloaded to the service provider in India but also saving on project management costs by more than 40% as compared to the operating cost in the USA.

Being on the same line of business gives a great advantage to offload large projects. This enables quick turn-around-time, great project cost savings, and improvement in the business process. Whether it is business process outsourcing on a contract basis or translation services to fulfill your need for additional capacity or to complete your language translation where you have a limited database of native translators, we are ready to collaborate on a mutually beneficial business relationship.

"Delivering quality, timely service and giving value for money are the essential principles on which we do business"

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