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If knowledge is for sharing, why not share it with the world?

Many authors of books have this desire to translate their text in as many languages as possible and spread knowledge. Whether it is for commercial reasons or personal satisfaction, book translation from one language to another can be done without sacrificing on quality, only by a professional translation service provider or by a freelance translator who has the experience. It is better for the author of the book to approach the publisher if they own the copyright for translation and publication.

Whether you are an individual or an author interested in translating a literary work from one language to another, understand that translation itself won’t need permission. However, the moment you publish or publicize your translation, you will be in breach of copyright reserved rights. Hence you need to check and get permission or request the publisher of the book translated.

Demand of Book Translation

There are many published books in English and Spanish which are in need of English to Spanish book translation and Spanish to English book translation. It is due to the bi-lingual nature of education prevalent in the USA and also due to the co-existence of English and Spanish native speakers who want to share their literary or religious work.

Some of the top languages in demand for translation from English and vice versa

  • Japanese
  • German
  • Chinese
  • Russian
  • French
  • Hindi
  • Bengali
  • Tamil

Book Translation Software such as machine translation with human editing and proofreading services are cheaper and fastest when it comes to publishing a book from one language to another. Here, there is a grave danger of translation errors, and the entire business may go for a loss.

Freelance translators cannot be relied upon as they are not committed to meet your deadline and will not guide you beyond translation for the procedure to get the file ready for printing.

Book Translation from any language to any language is now made easy and hassle-free.

We are professional translation service providers who are breaking the communication barrier in Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Delhi and European Regions with a network of translators in 100+ languages who possess domain expertise and provide quality work.  

A bad translation will only damage your reputation. Don’t waste your money on an amateur instead, choose a Professional translation service provider

What all you can hire us for

Our book translation services include a range of options for authors and publishers. You may hire us for the translation of the following genres:

  • Academic Textbooks
  • Biographies
  • Theological Books
  • Literary Novels
  • Fiction Stories
  • Children’s Books
  • Cookery Books
  • E-Books

What Makes Shakti Enterprise The Best Choice for Book Translation Services?

Delivering the translation job within a stipulated time period:

Yes, this is the fundamental differentiator that makes us one of the most trusted and reliable translation agency around the world . With our Quick Turnaround i.e. delivering the book translation work as per the promised date and time to our clients, we can promise our clients reach to their new readers as early as possible. In fact, since book translation is one of our bestselling services that we have been offering for decades, we pay higher impetus to the nitty-gritty and fine tune with the authors or publishers for quick turnaround. Now, clients can get their books translated within a matter of days. Remember this, quick turnaround does not mean we compromise on the quality. It simply means, we have mammoth team of translators and quality checking mechanism at the place to deliver book translation job in record time.

Contact us; we reach to you in real time basis

Yes, Fast Response is our motto and we live with it; rather, we have lived with this motto for decades. It helps not just our clients to get the best results but at the same time contributes in our successful delivery of book translation. As soon as our clients contact us for book translation service, our team works in close coordination with them and offers them a quote. The entire duration takes just a couple of hours as we work seamlessly to ensure our clients whether they are publishers or authors receive quotations in real time basis. In fact, we have dedicated Project Managers to answer all the queries emanating from the authors and publishers.

Translation from Native Translators for authentic and localized impact

There are terms and syntax, patterns that are specific to a language and speakers. When our clients whether they are publishers or authors, ask for book translation services, we help them with native translators. These translators are not just native to those languages, they are well qualified and come with heft. Their major job is not just to translate but at the same time help the author reach and communicate well with the new language readers. In fact, the novel translation services are done with the help of translators who have qualification in literature. These are the professionals who add value to the translation and help the author immensely. Nonetheless, our book translation services guarantee an accurate and seamless job.

Get your book translated for successful launch in Kindle

Yes, since Kindle is getting huge attention and the new generation prefers to read books over this platform, it is high time authors and publishers explore this avenue. At Shakti Enterprise we have brought you this exclusive book translation service where you can place your book in multiple languages to cater the readers from around the world. Nonetheless, since getting your book translated in multiple languages is a great idea to reach to a wide reader base, publishers should definitely explore this platform.

Additionally, when your books are placed in the international Kindle platforms you could make extra money as well. Thus, it is a great investment for higher returns. Moreover, you never know if your book could become instant hit in a new reader base even if it is not working great in the language you wrote in.

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