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The demand for subtitling English language content has increased dramatically in the last few years. 65 % of the world’s population is comprised of visual learners. Video content helps them to understand the concept in a better way. Adding subtitles to the videos can reap great benefits to the learners.

Subtitles can make your video accessible to audiences around the world. They improve user engagement and boost your SEO. When subtitles are added to the videos, the watch time and video shares tend to increase drastically.

Types Of Subtitles:

1. Open Subtitles

Here, the subtitle text is added to the original video frame. These are visible while watching the video and cannot be switched off by the users. No equipment or software is needed to replay the content in an open subtitle type.

2. Closed Subtitles

Here, distinct video frames are put over the original video. They are used on DVD and Blu-ray. These subtitles give the option of switching them on or off as needed. Here, adding multiple language subtitles and changing over between them is also possible.

Video Subtitling Services

Here, subtitles are added to the videos. They help businesses to attract the foreign audience and make a global mark. Video subtitling services help the non-speakers of the language to understand the video content easily and retain the information quickly.

Our Process:

1. Source video and script

2. Selection of software

3. Assign linguist

4. Creative adaptation of the script

5. Editing and proofreading

6. Feedback

We Provide Multilingual Subtitling Services For A Variety Of Mediums Including:

Movies Cinema Games
TV Seriess DVDs Interviews
Advertisement Documentary News

Unlock Language Barriers with Professional Subtitling Services

Shakti Enterprise has been providing subtitling services since 1985 to a broad range of organizations, including corporations, production houses, etc. Our subtitling service is perfect for movies, TV programs, video games, or YouTube videos. We have the best in industry professionals who handle the subtitling work with utmost care. Our team of subtitling linguists creates subtitles that are tailored to convey the nuances of the dialogue.

We are competent in adding subtitles to any existing video material as well as to many other voices over tracks because we use the best in class tools and technology and utilize XML to insert video content.

We also provide professional broadcast subtitles, documentary subtitles, television and film subtitles to production companies, television channels, and advertisers across the world.

For more information, take a look at the services we offer and contact us about your next project today!


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