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Shakti Enterprise is a professional translation service agency for global language communication in print, audio-visual, and digital medium. We offer cost-effective audio-visual translation and localization services in 100+ Indian and foreign languages, for your global communication needs. Our services encompass transcription, script translation, voice-over, subtitling, and dubbing in the required language for the production of the audio-video material.

We provide voice over services across the globe for several streams like E-Learning and Training Videos, Promotional Videos, Advertisement Commercials, Animation Films, Sales Presentations, Interactive Voice Response, etc.

Audio Visual Localization:

We produce localized audio-visual content with the help of our native professional linguists who are experts in matching the tone, and style of the content.

Following are the steps involved in dubbing and production of language version of an audio-visual film:

Transcription Service:

Transcription of the audio from the source file into the text document is the first step, if the client is not able to provide the script in a word document. Once the original script is given for translation, consultation with the client takes place on portions of the script that require translation or editing with a view to localize the content. Read More.

Voice Over:

It is a specialized profession that requires a clear understanding of the character portrayed in the film and command over the language. Read More.


Here, artistes transcribe and simultaneously translate audio texts from a video clip into a different language. In subtitling, each frame is matched along with a relevant portion of the video. Read More.

Dubbing and Post-Production:

While dubbing for a language version, a significant amount of detail goes in, to match the audio and background music. To avoid imbalance and bring clarity in the delivery of a message, the editor at the post-production studio sits along with the language supervisor during the audio-video mixing stage and adjusts the duration of sound recording to fit frame by frame, the language portion in the film.

Final Edit and Language Master:

The language version is played along with the source video for a quality check after an approval by a linguist for proper flow and style of delivery. If during close-ups of the character in the video portion, there is a mismatch of audio and the expression, lip sync is done once again either by re-recording that portion or by editing the sound studio to get the language footage right.

Professionals You Can Trust

Shakti Enterprise has been providing audio-visual localization services from 30+years and has successfully served top brands and produced their materials in diverse foreign languages. We have our in-house design studio to provide quality voice over service.

Our platform ensures the fastest turnaround and the highest voice over quality. We can assist you with all your voice over needs. To grow business and build a global customer base, get in touch with Shakti Enterprise.

"Delivering quality, timely service and giving value for money are the essential principles on which we do business"

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