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Simultaneous interpretation is a pretty complex form of linguistic service. However, here at Shakti Enterprise, we have mastered the skills needed to render world-class simultaneous interpretation services to our clients in India and abroad.

We also offer quality-assured simultaneous interpretation equipment on rent. At the same time, we also sell to our clients who are planning on installing state-of-the-art simultaneous interpretation equipment in their places of business.

How can we help?

Our interpreters have skills to listen to a message delivered and interpret it in target language in real time, thus making the communication easier and simpler in any setting. All our interpreters take advantage of state-of-the-art simultaneous interpretation equipments that help them to make the event successful.

We have been associated with the language services sector for more than three decades. Hence, we are familiar with the fact that these days, most of the live, hybrid and virtual conferences taking place all over the world are backed by simultaneous interpretation experts and the venues of those events are equipped with permanent or temporary simultaneous interpretation equipment setups.

Hence, it is easy to conclude that taking note of the huge demand for simultaneous interpretation equipment, countless brands that make such pieces of equipment have surfaced. Most of these brands offer budget-friendly simultaneous interpretation equipment. But the catch is that the cheap solution is not always the best.

This is where Shakti Enterprise comes in. We have partnered up with the best brands in the world that manufacture world-class simultaneous interpretation equipment. We offer the best and the latest simultaneous interpretation equipment to brands and businesses from all sectors of the global economy at reasonable rental rates. We also sell simultaneous interpretation equipment to businesses that are planning to equip their conference rooms, seminar halls and auditoriums with quality-assured and branded simultaneous interpretation equipment.

Types of simultaneous interpretation equipment available at Shakti Enterprise

1) We offer simultaneous interpreter consoles for rent and sale

This particular category of simultaneous interpretation equipment is more or less shaped like an electronic box that is packed with ports for connecting audio equipment such as an interpreter headset or an interpreter microphone. This equipment will also come packed with toggle switches that would allow the interpreter to switch between languages, adjust the volume of their headset volume, adjust the bass/treble levels or turn the microphone on or off on the fly.

2) We offer simultaneous interpreter Booth

Our soundproof booths offer interpreters a quiet haven, maximizing their focus and performance.

Easy to move and assemble, our booths come with full setup and interpreter training.

2) We offer simultaneous interpreter headsets for rent and for sale

This particular category of headset allows the interpreters to listen to the speaker.

3) We offer simultaneous interpreter tabletop microphones for rent and sale

This particular category of the microphone allows professional simultaneous interpreters to benefit from the best voice reproduction.

4) We offer simultaneous interpreter microphones that are integrated into headsets for rent and sale

These are headsets that come equipped with a microphone at the tip of a flexible gooseneck attachment.

5) We offer simultaneous interpreter microphones integrated into consoles for rent and sale

A simultaneous interpretation console that comes with a dedicated microphone connector (usually XLR) to which one can attach a gooseneck microphone. This is a hassle-free but less efficient option meant for those clients who are on a tight budget.

6) We offer wireless receivers for delegates for rent and sale

This particular category of simultaneous interpretation equipment allows the audio feed from the microphones of the speakers in an event to be transmitted to the headsets of onsite or remote simultaneous interpreters.

7) Why buy or rent simultaneous interpretation equipment from us?

Here at Shakti Enterprise, we support our clients looking to rent or purchase simultaneous interpretation equipment by providing them with quality-assured equipment.

Our range of simultaneous interpretation equipment comes with unique and necessary features like support for all known and frequently used Indian and international languages.

Furthermore, we also make sure that the pieces of simultaneous interpretation equipment we offer on rent or for sale to our clients are suitable to meet the bespoke needs of board meetings, international conventions, trade fairs, seminars and conferences. We also have simultaneous interpretation equipment that is suitable for small meetings or closed events.

"Delivering quality, timely service and giving value for money are the essential principles on which we do business"

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