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Multilingual DTP is an art of creating a translated document that is faithful to the original in terms of layout and design aesthetics. Desktop Publishing software helps in producing a wide variety of materials, from presentations, user manuals, menus, magazines, or books.

With Professional multilingual desktop publishing , you can increase productivity, improve the level of creativity and produce customized documents.

Our Core DTP Services Include:

    ✔Text and Page Layout and formatting in any Indian and foreign language
    ✔Specializing in the right to left orientation for Urdu, Persian. Arabic and Kurdish Language
    ✔Matching font and format as per source file
    ✔Layout designing
    ✔Ready to print data in any DTP software
    ✔Web DTP in HTML, XML, Flash or any other web media software
    ✔Preparing Targa files for subtitling
    ✔Software Graphical User Interface (GUI) DTP

File Formats:

Adobe FrameMaker Adobe InDesign Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Photoshop Microsoft Office CorelDRAW Software

Benefits Of Multilingual DTP Services For Modern Business

    ⇛ Improved appearance of documents
    ⇛ Easy customization of documents
    ⇛ Minimized production costs
    ⇛ Increased productivity
    ⇛ Enhanced creativity with an element of fun
    ⇛ Reduced time to print

Professional Desktop Publishing Services

If you need to translate a booklet, PDF, manual, or any other type of document to a set standard that preserves your message across all markets, our Multilingual DTP Services are for you.

We are the most sought-after brand for DTP services in India. Our Desktop Publishing specialists create and optimize your online and print documents for publication. They create templates and layouts that capture your brand’s image and values. They also make sure your brochures, catalogs, and other materials retain the feel and design of the original.

Contact us today to find out how we can assist you with your next multilingual desktop publishing project.

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