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The Greek language is an Indo-European language spoken primarily in Greece. It is one of Europe's oldest languages. Greek is the official language in two countries, Greece and Cyprus and is spoken by 13.2 million people in Greece, Cyprus, Italy, Albania, and Turkey.

Surprising Facts About The Greek Language

    ✔The first documents written in Greek are more than 3,700 years old.

    ✔The longest word to appear in the literature is Greek.

    ✔Around 12% of English words are derived from Greek.

    ✔The longest Greek word contains 182 characters

    ✔It is one of the 24 official languages of the European Union

Why Does Your Business Require Greek Translations?

Businesses are expanding at a rapid pace and are breaking into international markets. This comes with a need to ensure smooth client interactions. Speaking to clients in their language breaks the language and cultural barrier. This builds trust and leads to customer loyalty.

    ✔Better communication with customers

    ✔International reach

    ✔Enhance brand visibility

    ✔Avoid bad reputation

    ✔Cost-efficient and consistent

Types Of Greek Translation Services That We Offer

Document Translation Certificate Translation Audio Translation
Website Translation Video Translation Technical Translation
Legal Translation Marketing Translation Content Writing

Professional Greek Translation Service Provider

To translate any of your business content from Greek to English or from English to Greek, it is important that the original essence of the message is not lost.

Having the assistance of a professional Greek translation agency can boost your business confidence in multiple global countries, and this is something that every growing business can benefit from.

Shakti Enterprise is the leading Greek translation agency in Mumbai, India. We are a certified foreign language translation company working with several certified and accredited native-speaking Greek translators.

Contact us today to find out why we are a leading provider of foreign language translation services worldwide.

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