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Shakti Enterprise brings exclusive Tibetan translation services for the clients exploring spirituality or willing to do their research in Tibetan Buddhist philosophy and religion. Interestingly, Tibetan is Tibetic language spoken mainly in the Tibet Autonomous Region of China. However, since Tibetan peoples are also living in exile, mostly in India and Nepal, there is quite significant number of Tibetan speaking people in these two countries.

Thirty years ago there were nearly 1.2 million speakers of Standard Tibetan which must have grown in numbers in the next three decades. When we talk about Tibetan languages it also mean standard Tibetan often called Lhasa Tibetan that most of the Tibetans speak.

Development of Tibetan Language

As far as the history of the new Tibetan alphabet goes, it has been used for writing Tibetan translations of Buddhists texts. Interestingly, the first Sanskrit-Tibetan dictionary, Mahavyutpatti, appeared in the 9th century and helped in the further availability of the Tibetan knowledge for the whole world. As Tibetan literature is mainly centers around Buddhist themes, there is a lot of work translated from Sanskrit and Chinese and original Tibetan.

According to Britannica Encyclopedia Tibetan is written in a very conservative script of Indian origin; however, its present form having been used since the 9th century. Thus, it is one of the oldest languages that have not changed much of its form. Additionally, the orthography reflects the pronunciation of the language as it was in about the 7th century.

In addition to book translation, research paper translation, Tibetan news translation services that are high in demand, we also offer translation services for the following:

  • Documents Translation Services for traveling, visa, application forms, etc.
  • Audio visual translation Services from Buddhist monks speeches
  • Website Translation Services for updates on the latest teachings from Buddhist philosophers and writers
  • Edge with Tibetan Translation Services by Shakti Enterprise

    Since we have been in the translation services industry for several decades, we have developed the right orientation and professional infrastructure including of the latest tools as well as learned translators. The linguists we employ for your translation need to fulfill the range of requirements with the following unique skills:

  • Our translators are native Tibetan speakers who have tons of experience
  • Apart from being the native language speakers, they are equally well qualified academically
  • In addition to linguistic skills, our Tibet language translators have expertise and experience in their subject/industry
  • Our Tibetan translators have sound knowledge of TM tools
  • "Delivering quality, timely service and giving value for money are the essential principles on which we do business"

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