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Since the globalization process is happening at the rapid pace, not just the governments but also businesses also reaching out to new destinations. Thus, as businesses are expanding into other countries they require documents that are required by foreign governments and laws. Similarly, governments require translated documents when they are interacting with the other governments and here comes the role of government translation services providers.

Native Linguists for Quality Translation

Since Shakti Enterprise have been in the translation services industry for more than three decades, it knows the nitty-gritty of the industry and what it takes to deliver the finest government translation services to clients, it has become a reliable partner for businesses and governments. Nonetheless, whether it is diplomacy, defense, education, commerce, or social services the translation requirements from clients are met well.

The team of professional translators not just delivers accurate and secure government translations to federal, state, and local government offices but also to the businesses that are transacting with the government bodies or agencies. Some of the major translation works include:

✓Legal Documents and Correspondence used by government officials

✓Visa Applications from government officials and representatives

✓Documents used in Events Branding

✓Content Online and Print for government Communications

✓Interviews and Surveys by government agencies

✓Research/Reports and Interpreting for government offices

✓Video Dubbing and Subtitling from government officials and representatives

Why Should Clients Trust Shakti Enterprise?

Edge with our government translation services is that we have a set process which ensures that clients receive quality and error-free translation for their requirements. Each project comes with its own challenges; however, when the organization has been in the industry for long time, it knows how deliver the project in time and with optimum accuracy. Clients can trust us for,

We are have decades of experience

Shakti Enterprise has been delivering the most professional translation services for individuals, companies and government agencies alike. With experience comes the understanding and capacity to translate all sorts of documents and content.

Superlative Quality Translation

Since our linguists are native linguists and contracted professionals with years of experience, we are able to deliver the most proficient translation services for our clients. We also commit for a timely delivery of the government translation project.

Dedicated Team of translators and proof readers/cross checkers

Since government documents require a lot of accuracy and legally accurate terms, we ensure that our translators work upon those terms. Our diligent professionals produce translated documents with a quick turnaround so clients can meet government deadlines.

"Delivering quality, timely service and giving value for money are the essential principles on which we do business"

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