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Patent translation is the process of translating patent documents from the source to the target language. Documents stating details about the specifications of a patent, lawyer’s correspondence, etc. are all translated by expert patent translators. .

Our certified patent translation experts are trained in the unique style of patent translation thus allowing us to handle patent translation projects that target nations around the globe. .

As reputed providers of patent translation services, we assign patent translation projects to our dedicated in-house team of expert patent translators. Apart from having the linguistic skills needed to make sense of patent jargon, our patent translators see to it that the patent document translation project adheres to the niche norms and intricacies of the idea/product and the sector it belongs to.. .

We also make sure that the patent data you share with us remains safe from prying eyes. We have state-of-the-art cybersecurity measures in place that keep our networks and website safe from instances of data breaches. .

Types of Patent Translation We Offer –

    -Patent translation for prior art

    The process of translating documents that state the novelty of an idea or invention is known as the patent translation for prior art.

    -Patent translation for litigation proceedings

    Here all documents that act as legal evidence to support court proceedings to prove the authenticity of the patent claim are translated. We make sure that the translated documents are as linguistically close as practically possible.

    -Patent translation for foreign filing

    Patent supporting documents are translated into the national language of the nation where one intends to launch their product. This type of translation covers a patent to remain the intellectual property of the owner anywhere in the world.

Our Process of Patent Translation

The process of availing our patent translation services is simple. All one would have to do is provide us with the patent documents such as datasheets, invention summaries, etc. and also state the target language in the same. After that, our customer service executives will get back to our clients and provide them with a quote. After we get the green light from the client’s end, our team of patent linguists will start working on the project.

For more details, please contact us.

Why Choose Us?

We have a dedicated team of patent translation experts under our payroll consisting of native linguists. We would assign the project to a bespoke team of linguists consisting of native speakers as per the target language of the project. This ensures that the final document is free from erroneous linguistic cues, and typographical mistakes. At the same time, we also ensure that the document entails terms and structuring that conform to the legal requirements of the target language and the nation where the document will be filed. A dedicated project manager will be assigned to the project who will oversee the progress made in the project. At the same time, the project manager will keep an eye out for potential mistakes thus ensuring our client receives a standard and quality-assured document, on time.


We are a certified patent translation agency. We have a stellar reputation. No patent translation project is too challenging for us. Let us help you navigate the complexities of patent translation. Contact us to learn more.

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  • FAQ

    • Why choose Shakti Enterprise for document translation services?

        We at Shakti Enterprise emphasise selecting only the best translators from all corners of India. Furthermore, we also have foreign language translators under our payroll that allows us to serve our international clients. We spend a lot of resources to get our hands on the latest tools and technology needed to excel in this sector.

        We use the premium version of online grammar checking tools as well as plagiarism checker tools that allows us to keep our services top notch.

        We have strict quality assurance protocols in place that ensure that the original context, intent and meaning of the source file is not lost during translation. This is an important step to ensure that the target audience of our clients connects with the business we are assisting so that the same can expand its interests.

        We are one of the leading providers of document translation services with its headquarters based in Mumbai but with a pan India presence. Our quality of services is on par with international translation standards. This is another reason why we also have an ever-increasing foreign client base.

        We have been in the translation business for more than thirty years now. We are proficient in offering translation and localization services in all leading national as well as international languages.

    • Are your services recognised?

        Yes, as a matter of fact, we are one of the very few providers of document translation services that have been awarded the prestigious ISO 9001:2000, ISO 9001: 2008, ISO 9001: 2015; DIN 15038, NISC-CRISIL and SE3B ratings.

        Furthermore, we are also an active member of ITA (Indian Translation Association), ATA (American Translation Association) and IFT (International Federation of Translators).

    • How can you help my company?

        We can help CEOs and entrepreneurs expand their businesses worldwide by offering them quality assured document translation services. We also offer services that can help a business become popular among people in foreign lands by localizing the content of official websites, apps and more.

        We also optimise our document translation services for each project we handle. We understand that every business has unique needs hence; we never follow the ‘one size fits all’ policy that our rivals tend to practice.

        We will also offer our clients flexible tariffs so that they can get the best document translation services without breaking their banks!

    • What is the quality policy followed at Shakti Enterprise?

        We consider our clients as our assets. Hence, it is natural for us to tread the extra mile when it comes to offering our clients quality assured document translation services.

        Our quality assurance policy begins with the step where we hire none but the best translators.

        Furthermore, we take the necessary steps to save time on each project assigned to us. For instance, we allot a dedicated project manager for each assignment allotted to us by our clients.

        The job of the project manager is to make sure that the team of translators working on a project has access to all the necessary documents and original files. The translators then begin to review the source file and begin translating the same.

        Reviewing allows our translators to maintain international quality standards in our document translation services.

        For more details, you can call +91-9673844144 or send an email at info@shaktienterprise.com.

    "Delivering quality, timely service and giving value for money are the essential principles on which we do business"