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We at Shakti Enterprise understand perfectly the specific requirements from clients for their media and publishing translation services and for that we offer the competitive services. Needless to say with our experts and linguists we contribute to the exponential growth of the clients in publishing industry as we translate a range of products from news articles to literary books and magazine and several others.

Native Linguists for Quality Translation

languages spoken like Russian, Japanese, Korean, French, Spanish and dozens others, our clients can hire us for publishing translation services for any language. Needless to say whether it is a news agency or an ambitious author or a journal publisher, Shakti Enterprise pays equal important and attention to their requirements.

We help our clients in the translation of the following:

✓Research studies and Scientific journals

✓Online magazines and newspapers

✓Catalogs and Directories

✓Fiction and Non-fiction

✓Multimedia content

✓Academic books

✓Business books






Accurate Translation of Published Books and Articles

Since we understand that published material is of great importance not just for the readers but also for the authors and writers who have toiled over them, we provide accurate translation. Our linguists are not just educated and experienced but also come with literary background. Therefore, they understand the finest and minute details of translating books, magazines and other publishing materials.

Lost in Translation, No Way!

In publishing material translation, a lot of content when translated loses the original meaning from the author. We are well aware of this peculiar problem and to address the issue we get several meetings done with the author and the translators. It helps us understand the nuances and subtleties that authors keep when they write the book or article in their original text. Accordingly we deliver the finest publishing translation services for our clients.

Adapting through the Changes

Since publishing industry is going through tremendous changes as Internet and online publication is becoming a norm, we too have adapted to the new technology. From online books to magazines to brochures, we translate almost all published materials. Accordingly our translators are adapting well with the latest changes taking shape in the publishing industry for better delivery of the services.

"Delivering quality, timely service and giving value for money are the essential principles on which we do business"

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