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Marketing Translation Services

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Key to Marketing Translation Services is in “Knowing the Market”

The challenge of marketing translation is not just understanding the creative concepts behind original copy but also doing justice by trans-creating the content for the target market in the language of the customer.

Marketing translator is in fact more than a copy translator. Ability to understand the target audience and perception with the product, competition, user habits, attitude and lifestyle are key elements for crafting a marketing translation.

Marketing Translation Services

Here are some considerations we at Shakti Enterprise follow to create impactful translation that reflects the essence of original and matches its style in target language

1. Focus on the proposition (key message)

We go through the copy and highlight the key message the communication is meant to deliver. This is crucial as you would know to match the intended promise to consumer in target language.

2. Understand the target profile

We check with the client the target audience or the customer for whom the communication was originally developed. We also seek clarification if the profile and consumer perception for the product differs in the target market.

3. Be Creative.

We communicate with marketing translator to go deep in to subject matter and come out with impactful slogan and headline that matches the original meaning.

To deliver high quality and efficient marketing translations, we only employ qualified and experienced in-country translators having sound knowledge in creative writing and rigorous with cultural intricacies of target market. We believe working in coordination with our clients so as to deliver high quality results and to keep in harmony with the expectation of our clients. Our in-house DTP experts work on the layout once the translation is completed and it is delivered to the clients in electronic file formats.

"Delivering quality, timely service and giving value for money are the essential principles on which we do business"

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