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Healthcare sector is going through a lot of challenges; however, it is also offering exciting opportunities for the companies providing services and products in this sector. We at Shakti Enterprise help the companies and organizations working to solve challenges like rising health care costs, changing patient demographics, complex health and technology ecosystems, etc. by our health care translation services.

Following the global norms and classification, Shakti Enterprise brings the exclusive healthcare translation services for healthcare equipment and services companies. The organizations offering pharmaceuticals, biotechnology and related life sciences products or services may also hire our linguists for translation work.

Health Insurance companies, Nursing Homes, Community Health Centers, etc. can also expand their business and reach with translated content. When healthcare products or services are delivered in the local language, it is easy to educate and generate awareness.

Explore opportunities in Healthcare Sector

Being one of the world's largest and fastest-growing industries, the healthcare industry is consuming over 10 percent of gross domestic product of most developed nations. In fact, health care can form an enormous part of a country's economy. However, a healthcare company can cash in on the opportunities not just in the developed countries but in developing countries as well.

Shakti Enterprise being a leading name in translation services can be your partner when you decide to enter to new regions and language belts. When you need translation of documents, research work, medicinal products, etc. our translators can work for you so that you can explore opportunities with ease by filling the communication gap.

Shakti Enterprise, your partner in growth

Highly educated and trained healthcare translation services providers are adept in the adaptation of medical literature like technical documents, patient history, clinical drug information, illness worksheets, etc. Therefore, when you place your translation requirement to us we ensure the translation is done with the proper terms and follows the local laws and regulations.

Our translators are not just trained and certified professional to clearly understand the source and target languages but also the ones who have done their due research for the specific translation job. Additionally, as they use translation memory tools, they save cost and time as well as the much needed consistency in language e.g. key terms and phrases are used in a pattern.

We translate the following documents:

  • Medical reports
  • Clinical trials
  • Medical documents
  • Clinical studies
  • Patient questionnaires
  • Patient-reported outcomes.
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